ABC Stores

ABC Stores
Dear Valued Partner,
ABC Stores aims to implement EDI with all of our vendors.
Our EDI provider, Truecommerce ecUtopia, has several options available for your to connect. If you already connect via EDI with other Retailers, Truecommerce ecUtopia can set up an AS2 connection (our preferred method), a VAN connection, or FTP/SFTP connection.
If you are not capable of electronic exchange of data, Truecommerce ecUtopia has an alternative option to connect using their ecPortal solution. It is a user-friendly web portal where most of the information is already populated from the PO; therefore, very little data entry is involved.

ABC Stores will cover the testing fee with TrueCommerce for vendors with their own EDI solution provider, or the monthly fee for the Truecommerce ecPortal solution.

ABC Stores requires the following documents if applicable be exchanged through the Business to Business (B2B) platform of Truecommerce ecUtopia or ecPortal:
• 850 – Purchase Order
• 855 – PO Acknowledgement
• 856 – Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)
• 810 – Invoices

Implementation Guides

Purchase Order (850)

Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855)

Ship/Notice Manifest (856)

Invoice (810)

Still Need Help? Production Support is Just a Click Away.

Enter a case by emailing

[email protected]

  1. Subject of the email should be formatted as follows:
    • YOUR VENDOR NAME - brief summary of issue
    • EX: My Company - log-in assistance or My Company - Failed ship notice error
  2. In the body of the email be sure to include specific details regarding your inquiry to assist the support team in identifying which relationship the request pertains to & what assistance is required. EX:
    • Relationship = My Company & ABC Stores
    • PO # = PO12345
    • ASN # = ASN1111
    • Error received = Shipment already dispatched.
    • Request = Please help me identify why this shipment failed and what further action may be required.
  3. Be sure to create a brand new email to our team for each individual inquiry/request.
    • Continually emailing additional/new support concerns via a case number or email chain that has already been resolved & closed will result in delays in support and require resubmission of a new case.
  4. Cases submitted are automatically assigned a priority of Medium and are responded to within 1 business day. Hours of support are Mon. - Fri. from 8am to 5pm EST.
  5. When creating a case via email, ensure other TrueCommerce representatives outside of the production support email address listed are not included in the ‘To’ or ‘Cc’ fields to ensure the case is routed to the appropriate production support queue.

Have a High Priority Issue, Give Us a Call!

Call 1.888.430.4489 Option 3 & be ready with your current open case number or details on the specific relationship and inquiry you are reaching out about!

Who is TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce provides world-class EDI solutions and so much more: access to a fully integrated, global supply chain network that connects your customers, suppliers, logistics partners and internal systems so you can reduce complexity, improve supply chain performance and gain peace of mind for your mission-critical operations.