TrueCommerce Lets You Connect Acumatica to All Your Channels

To do business in every direction, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers need to move data across all their channels as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. That means maximizing automation and eliminating manual activities—especially retyping orders.

For Acumatica customers, TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect and automate your business across the supply chain. We offer an unbeatable choice of integrations through our TrueCommerce Trading Partner Platform, including:

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Cloud-Based EDI for Acumatica

  • Automate sales order and invoice transactions, including inbound POs, outbound invoices and outbound PO acknowledgements
  • Easily comply with any trading partner’s EDI requirements
  • For eCommerce, drop ship and marketplace orders, automatically create new customers in Acumatica from an EDI PO

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a SHOC Maximizes Productivity and Minimizes Operating Costs with TrueCommerce Cloud-Based EDI Solution for Acumatica
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Connect to Marketplaces

  • Only TrueCommerce lets you automate the transfer of order, inventory and fulfillment information between your online marketplaces and Acumatica.
  • No more pulling marketplace data from multiple portals—manage them all in one application
  • Automate inbound orders, outbound fulfillments and outbound inventory for all your marketplaces.

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TrueCommerce Storefront Integration

Connect to Popular Storefronts

  • Move order and customer data automatically between Acumatica and popular online storefronts—no more rekeying orders
  • Automatically sync inventory availability data between your storefront and Acumatica
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and TrueCommerce Nexternal
  • Reduce labor cost and shipping time to make your online business more profitable and more responsive to customers

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Grow Your Drop Ship Success

  • Connect to 250+ active supplier drop shipping programs from retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, Target, and more 
  • Take advantage of operational analytics to improve on KPIs and outperform the competition 
  • Sync order and fulfillment data with your ERP to increase accelerate delivery time 
  • Ensure compliance with trading partner requirements, such as accelerated fulfillment timeframes, packing slip and label requirements, and more 
How PIM Works

Take Control of Product Data

  • Import product content directly from your (ERP) system, your suppliers, and other channels 
  • Manage product information rules for each channel and validate product readiness against channel standards 
  • Add titles, descriptions, attributes, specifications, images, videos and more 
  • Publish product information to your eCommerce storefront, marketplace listings, and other digital channels automatically 

Cost-Effective Shipping Solution

  • Reduce fulfillment costs with dynamic rate shopping  
  • Increase customer satisfaction by meeting tight delivery timeframes with shipping order management
  • Ensure shipping accuracy and reduce chargebacks with pack & address verification 
  • Synchronize orders with your ERP to reduce errors and delays from manual rekeying  
Fully automate your processes with integration

Transform Emails and PDFs

  • Slash operational costs driven by delays and errors with PDF and email-to-EDI conversion
  • Allow your trading partners to send invoices via their preferred method  
  • Free up internal resources to focus on high-value initiatives  
  • Accelerate your order processing time to ensure an exceptional customer experience 

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