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Amazon Marketplace Integration with Your ERP/Business System—and More—So You Can Do Business In Every Direction

Posted on March 27, 2019

Amazon Marketplace Integration with Your ERP/Business System—and More—So You Can Do Business In Every Direction

When our 2018 numbers came in, one trend immediately grabbed my attention: from Q4 2017 to Q4 2018, TrueCommerce order volume on Amazon Seller Central increased 412%. This was largely due to fifty plus new sales of our Amazon Marketplace integration add-on over the course of the year, many of which are high volume merchants.

Where is this explosive demand for more efficiency coming from?

Our customers’ experience pinpointed the bottleneck. As their Amazon order volumes grow, vendors start struggling with timely order processing and keeping inventory in sync. The reason is simple: moving order data between their Amazon Seller Central account and their ERP/business system remains largely a manual process for most sellers.

There’s no debate that online marketplaces are rapidly reshaping the future of retail, and that aligning with this trend will be pivotal for the success of many brands, even in niche markets. As the only solution provider offering the critical, end-to-end automation that brands need to succeed and grow with an online marketplace strategy, TrueCommerce is leading from the forefront of this movement—helping our customers to thrive in an ever more competitive world.

By automating the flow of order, product and inventory data in and out of Amazon and other marketplaces, TrueCommerce customers are able to process marketplace orders faster and from a single location, using standardized workflows. Automation also reduces costly errors, as there is no need to rekey marketplace tracking numbers or manually sync marketplace inventories. This makes managing eCommerce orders as streamlined as handling orders from major retailers using integrated EDI, as many of our customers do today.

Check out some of the results current customers are seeing with our Amazon Marketplace integration:

  • Antimicrobial Therapy, publisher of The Sanford Guides for the clinical treatment of infectious diseases, cut the time needed to process Amazon orders by 50%
  • Winning Streak Sports has made processing Amazon orders in SAP “almost instantaneous” and eliminated the need to interact with Amazon Seller Central for things like labels and advance ship notices (ASNs)
  • Combi USA rolled out its Amazon Marketplace integration with Sage 100 in under a week
  • AeroVironment processes Amazon orders just as if they were placed on one of the manufacturer’s branded eCommerce storefronts, and products and inventory are kept in sync automatically within their Amazon Seller Central account

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer looking to leverage online marketplaces, or take your performance in that arena to a higher level,contact TrueCommerce to discuss how we can help you do business in every direction.

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