Are You Ready for Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment?

Steve Norris
February 18, 2021 -
With each passing year, eCommerce captures a larger portion of total retail. While big-name brands continue to dominate, smaller brands and even manufacturers are now jumping into the ring. And for those manufacturers that are ready to take the...

The Importance of Pack Verification

Josh Wayne
January 27, 2021 -
If you’re a manufacturer, you know that delivering the right product, to the right place, at the right time is an important part of your customer promise. Whether you are shipping to retail partners or directly to end consumers, every incorrect...

What Manufacturers Need to Know About Drop Shipping

Ryan Tierney
December 16, 2020 -
One of the most conspicuous traits of today’s business landscape is that customer expectations seem to reach new heights with every passing month—and this is especially true when it comes to shipping speed. Amazon has set the bar high for online...

How to Reduce Shipping Costs with Technology

Lindsey McGee
December 2, 2020 -
Since March, FedEx has been in a self-proclaimed “Shipathon.” As the holidays close in, we’re seeing a surge in eCommerce unlike any before. Between higher online sales, and consumers’ desire for expedited shipping, the result is even more...

Tips for Selling Perishable Products Online

Shauna Pannone
November 23, 2020 -
In the wake of COVID-19, food eCommerce has been growing rapidly, increasing 42% in revenue year over year this September as millions of consumers turn to online sources for their favorite snacks, drinks, and kitchen staples. Selling any product...

Cyber Monday: Promise and Challenges

Yegor Kuznetsov
October 9, 2020 -
Cyber Monday is big. From what was an amusing oddity at the Internet’s dawn, it has evolved into the most important online retail event of the year. Total sales hit $9.4 billion in 2019—up nearly 19% from a $7.9 billion haul the previous year...

B2B eCommerce: What’s Changed, and How You Can Keep Up

Craig Ross
September 14, 2020 -
In a whitepaper in 2012, Oracle predicted that, “The next decade will be an innovative and demanding one for B2B eCommerce.” Nearly nine years later, we can say with confidence that they were right—and that there’s no stopping the evolution of B2B...