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New Year, New Products: How to Handle Post-Holiday Returns

Josh Wayne
December 1, 2021 -
In a 2021 study, consumers shared truly shocking revelations about post-holiday returns. A staggering 42% of holiday shoppers already plan on returning some, if not all, of their holiday gifts this year. And 46% of them, if faced with a poor return...

What 2021's Grocery Trends Mean for Food and Beverage Brands

Brian Lindner
November 11, 2021 -
For those of us whose businesses depend on a reliable supply chain, “the new normal” is a comfortless phrase. The pandemic left no industry untouched by supply chain disruption, and it has left businesses wondering what hoops they will have to jump...

The Benefits of EDI for 3 Grocery Suppliers

Kristen Puluso
November 3, 2021 -
If you want to know how profoundly an efficient technology solution can impact a business, just ask a grocery supplier. To compete, food and beverage suppliers need to operate with accuracy and speed, quickly fulfilling high-volume orders from...