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Vendor Managed Inventory

8 Vendor Selection Criteria for Choosing a VMI Provider

Scott Kleinert
May 13, 2020 -
Every business owner knows that choosing the right vendor requires getting honest answers to your buying questions. But in order to get these answers, you must first know what questions to ask. Something I'm often asked when I'm meeting with...

How VMI is Keeping CPG Products on Shelves

Brian Lindner
May 4, 2020 -
Today’s ongoing shutdowns and stay-at-home orders have impacted every consumer industry, from fashion to farming, to technology. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are no exception, but the swings in consumer behavior in this industry are both massive and...

Why Supplier Management Matters for Grocery Growth

Steve Norris
April 16, 2020 -
Food has always been essential, but in the wake of extending stay-at-home orders, “panic buying” and the closure of thousands of bars and restaurants, grocery stores have become pivotal in the ability of the American public to stay healthy and...

Ron’s Thoughts: Drop Shipping in Uncertain Times

Ron Sellers
April 6, 2020 -
Like many of you, I’m writing this from my home office, so let me start by saying that if you are home, I hope you’re safe and healthy. And if you can’t stay home, know that we are all grateful for whatever you’re doing to support your community. In...