Cut costs, improve productivity, boost profitability

TrueCommerce EDI provides the platform for Chief Financial Officers worldwide to drive down costs, improve business efficiencies, and boost profitability, both within their own organisations and their supply chains.

Fully automating the flow of high volumes of information between your trading partners — and then translating that data into a format that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system — delivers accuracy, certainty, and minute-by-minute visibility into your business processes.

Free up valuable resources

Removing time-consuming re-keying of data — and the manual errors that often result — speeds up order fulfilment, delivers substantial savings in staff time, prevents expensive dispute resolution, and frees up valuable resources for more productive sales or customer service tasks.

Our market-leading core technology, complemented by a menu of additional tools, can also prevent costly invoice mismatches through the use of TrueCommerce’s invoice validation solution, using a definitive product catalogue kept up-to-date by suppliers and controlled by buyers.

Identifying opportunities for efficiencies

Anytime, anywhere, web portal access for multiple users provides total visibility into your systems and enables secure and seamless collaboration with partners to improve productivity and speed up the processing of orders and invoices.

Meanwhile, sophisticated reporting and analytics helps build the collaborative relationships with suppliers that can identify further opportunities for cost savings, efficiencies, and innovation. With TrueCommerce, the roll-out of EDI across the entirety of your supply chain is now within reach.

And by placing all of your EDI requirements with TrueCommerce, you can be sure of an impressive return on your investment.


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