Embedded, Configurable EDI Integration for Greater Usability and Efficiency

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration with your Infor VISUAL ERP business management solution enables you to seamlessly format your EDI transactions to comply with your trading partners’ requirements. It also enables you to minimize time-consuming, error-prone manual processes.

Delivered as a complete, managed services solution, TrueCommerce EDI for Infor VISUAL offers robust functionality and unparalleled scalability. This embedded integration is quick to implement and seamlessly supports an exceptionally wide range of EDI documents so you can do business in every direction.

Complete Solutions from One Source

Our single-vendor solution is simple to deploy and maintain and offers important benefits:

  • All key EDI components—Infor VISUAL integration, data translation, a global trading partner network and managed services—come in one package from one trusted vendor
  • Comprehensive EDI integration with Infor VISUAL, including detailed advance ship notifications (ASNs) and warehouse/3PL document support, minimizes time-consuming, error-prone manual processes
  • Embedded user experience puts EDI in the hands of business users, to streamline training and reduce demands on IT and EDI specialists
  • Built-in controls verify that EDI documents are complete and accurate before transmitting them, helping to reduce chargebacks and delays
  • Increased automation improves customer service levels and lets you manage a growing order volume without adding staff
  • Includes everything you need to quickly become EDI compliant
Fully automate your processes with integration

Comprehensive Support for EDI Documents

  • Meets the needs of order-driven manufacturers around MRP planning and just-in-time production with support for the EDI 830 planning schedule and EDI 862 shipping schedule documents
  • Integrates inbound purchase orders, purchase order changes, outbound invoices and outbound ASNs
Achieve EDI compliance quickly and easily through your web browser

Supports Key EDI Documents for Order-Driven Manufacturing

  • Remote warehouse support lets you convert POs to EDI 940 warehouse shipping orders and automatically create invoices from EDI 945 warehouse shipping advices
  • Also supports EDI 943 warehouse stock transfer shipment advices and EDI 944 warehouse stock transfer receipt advices
  • Integrates the EDI 846 inventory inquiry/advice and 875/880 grocery products documents as well

Sustain Growth and Control Costs

  • The highly scalable TrueCommerce Trading Network is built for high-volume transaction exchanges, storage and throughput—offering limitless expansion of your trading partner network over a single, highly reliable and affordable connection
  • To help keep EDI affordable as your business grows, TrueCommerce doesn’t charge for support incidents or changes to trading partner maps
  • TrueCommerce EDI works with Infor VISUAL versions 6.8 through 8.1 to suit a wide range of upgrade strategies

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