Integrated Commerce in the Cloud for Linnworks

Integrated Commerce in the Cloud for Linnworks

In an omnichannel sales environment, flexibility and automation are essential. We made TrueCommerce to automate data processing across multiple channels, such as storefronts, B2B portals, Amazon Seller Central, point-of-sale systems, and even phone orders. The TrueCommerce platform can help synchronize data across Linnworks and all of your other channels through electronic data interchange (EDI).

Seamless Linnworks EDI Integration With TrueCommerce

eCommerce organizations work with various trading partners who have their own ways of doing business. With an end-to-end EDI integration solution, you can bring the information from all of your partners into one place.

EDI usually relies on internet connections or a Value Added Network (VAN) and many possible protocols. The TrueCommerce trading network is our internet-based VAN that supports nearly any connectivity protocol your partners might use, such as AS1, AS2, AS3, FTP, and VAN interconnects. Then, TrueCommerce translates the raw EDI data — such as ANSI ASC X12 and EDIFACT standards — into human-readable formats, so you can understand the information that moves through your organization.

The TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce platform offers seamless cloud-based integration with Linnworks, the TrueCommerce ecosystem, and other systems you use to run your business. Its capable data mapping and integration software modules will match incoming EDI transactions to your Linnworks configurations and do the same for your outbound transactions and your trading partners' configurations. For growing businesses, TrueCommerce makes it easy to adapt to and integrate new trading partner maps with complete scalability.

You get all of these resources from one trustworthy provider, backed by a top-tier support team well-versed in meeting trading partner requirements and helping you navigate EDI demands. You don't need in-house experts to master our solutions.

Do Business in Every Direction With EDI Integration

Do Business in Every Direction With EDI Integration

Linnworks and TrueCommerce work together beautifully for a fully connected experience across multiple channels and types of data. Integration can help you work more productively, improve customer experiences, and meet whatever other goals you have in mind.

Here are some of the EDI integration benefits that help move businesses forward.

TrueCommerce and the Linnworks EDI integration allow you to virtually eliminate the manual retyping that comes with entering orders into multiple systems. Spend less time on these labor-intensive tasks and minimize operational delays from slow order processing and miscommunications.

You can start fulfilling orders as soon as they come in. EDI integration also centralizes your data, so you can access and organize these transactions from one place — there's no need to hop between different platforms or try to reconcile duplicate or inaccurate information.

Manual entry is rife with errors, no matter your team's skill level. Automation through our Linnworks integration can help you avoid inaccurate data and the costly, labor-intensive work of fixing errors. Customers get their orders right the first time, and vendors enjoy a much smoother, more reliable experience when working with you.

Between Linnworks and TrueCommerce, you can integrate all of your channels and maintain consistency across platforms for dependable, up-to-date listings.

Working with multiple partners calls for organized communications. EDI integration allows you to improve your relationships with vendors by delivering accurate, fast transactions every time.

TrueCommerce employs data validation tools and resources for speed improvements. It can check for invalid or missing data and validate entries through unit price verification, custom document numbering, and duplicate order checking.

With the EDI integration for Linnworks, TrueCommerce validates your transactions before they hit Linnworks to help you minimize rejected invoices, payment delays, and chargebacks.

Saving time and money through automation allows you and your workers to focus on high-value tasks and make the most of labor. As you improve performance and accuracy, you can expect to save across the board and improve your reputation.

When you centralize your product management, you get to share inventory across channels. Customers get up-to-date listings to help you limit out-of-stock notices or overselling and ensure happier customers and fewer lost sales.

TrueCommerce and Linnworks come together for a more responsive fulfillment system, with minimal delays and inquiries from customers and partners that would otherwise take up valuable time.

TrueCommerce gives you faster order processing, up-to-date order information, and reliability to help you present a more cohesive and enjoyable buying experience. Our EDI integration for Linnworks allows you to cultivate a connected system and improve your image. With happier customers, you can also minimize customer service requirements, like staffing demands and returns management.

Adding TrueCommerce to your Linnworks solution allows you to create a centralized place for data from all of your channels. Sync up your order statuses, pricing, inventory availability, and more across your web storefront, retail locations, back office, and other channels.

Stay Connected and Prepared for What's Next With TrueCommerce

While TrueCommerce and Linnworks are a powerful combination, you can extend your capabilities further with a range of resources within the TrueCommerce ecosystem:


Product information management (PIM): Our PIM solution lets you optimize and organize all of your product data in one intuitive platform. Import or build up a repository of content, like images, descriptions, and spec sheets, all in the cloud. Any changes you make apply to multiple sales channels, and you can validate product information for the various standards of different sales channels.


PDF-to-EDI, print-to-EDI, and email-to-EDI conversion: Turn any format into EDI transactions and expand your ability to work with just about any trading partner, no matter how they like to submit data. However they send transactions, you can easily adopt them into your system and send them into Linnworks automatically.


Scheduler: Automate and schedule your data exchanges between TrueCommerce and Linnworks according to what works best for your operations.


EDI labeling: Create and print UCC-128 labels according to your partners' labeling and packing requirements. TrueCommerce includes free label and packing list template updates to help you stay on top of relevant changes.


Packing list: Our packing list add-on can help you manage your trading partners' packing list template requirements, such as data, content, and graphics. If your partners make changes, TrueCommerce updates them automatically.

Maximize Your Linnworks Solution With TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce has helped hundreds of businesses navigate and thrive in omnichannel marketplaces with the help of our easy-to-use platform. We've packed in advanced software modules, data management tools, and experienced support from our team. Our position as an EDI leader means we understand the complexities of the eCommerce landscape and are there to support your team from start to finish.

To learn more about partnering with TrueCommerce and taking advantage of our Linnworks integration, reach out to us today!