Automatically Exchange Order and Inventory Data Between Leading Marketplaces and Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Brands looking to leverage online marketplaces frequently face a lack of integration and automation between various marketplaces and their Microsoft Dynamics ERP environment, necessitating manual effort to process orders and update inventory positions. Manual processes can’t scale and lead to costly errors, constraining business growth.

TrueCommerce enables you to integrate critical order, fulfillment and inventory data between over 100 leading global marketplaces and Microsoft Dynamics. This groundbreaking solution offers everything you need to quickly connect to new shoppers and grow sales on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook, Overstock, Google, AliExpress and many, many more.

Now you can accelerate growth and boost the strategic value of online marketplaces by processing marketplace orders and syncing inventory and customer data much more efficiently, while deriving more value from your Dynamics ERP investment.

With TrueCommerce Online Marketplace Integration, your brand can be more connected across your sales channels, more supported to achieve your business goals, and more prepared for what’s next in the rapid evolution of commerce.

Forget Rekeying Orders

  • Enjoy cloud-based, seamless integration between leading global marketplaces and Dynamics ERP 
  • Automatically synchronize time-sensitive data including orders, customer data, fulfillment details and inventory positions 
  • Automatically create new customers in Dynamics ERP from marketplace orders
  • Automatically verify pricing and items and email tracking data to customers

More Connected with a Single Vendor

  • Access and manage all your marketplace order data from one central, easy-to-use, single-vendor interface 
  • Consolidate multiple portals and processes into one cloud-based, highly scalable platform 
  • Standardize multiple workflows

Improve the Customer Experience

Improve order timeliness, accuracy and service levels by digitally transforming your customer interactions to eliminate costly manual effort and errors

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Go Wherever Business Takes You

Leverage the same, cloud-based TrueCommerce Platform that drives your marketplace integrations to quickly expand into major retail and wholesale channels, onboard drop ship vendor programs, connect with supply chain partners, and more.


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