Connect Your Oracle ERP to 100+ Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces can help brands attract new buyers and increase sales and revenues. But without integration between your marketplaces and your ERP, it is difficult to sync inventory and process orders efficiently.

TrueCommerce eliminates these barriers for Oracle ERP customers by offering industry-leading integration with over 100 marketplaces around the world, including Amazon, Walmart, Houzz, Jet and more.

By automating the movement of order, shipping and inventory data between Oracle ERP and marketplaces, you can handle marketplace orders with faster and with fewer errors—and increase the growth potential for your overall online channel sales while reducing labor costs.

Process Marketplace Orders Faster

  • Transfer order data between marketplaces and Oracle ERP in a fraction of the time
  • Automatically create new customer profiles in Oracle ERP from marketplace orders
  • Easily send shipping and tracking information to buyers via the marketplace
  • Verify pricing and items automatically to proactively reduce errors

“Without the [TrueCommerce Marketplace Integration], we’d have to manually enter and confirm each Amazon order. We’d also have to do more tasks in Amazon Seller Central, which isn’t user-friendly for generating ASNs. Getting labels out of their system is also very time-consuming. The TrueCommerce Amazon Marketplace integration automates everything that we can do outside Amazon’s portal, which eliminates manual steps and saves us a lot of time—it’s invaluable.”

Jessica Degregorio
R-retail Sales
Winning Streak Sports

Update Your Marketplace Inventory

  • Update inventory across marketplaces through one easy-to-use system
  • Sync inventory quantities between marketplaces and Oracle ERP anytime
  • Reduce the likelihood of disappointing shoppers by reducing stockouts and overselling

Connect Once. Sell Forever.

With TrueCommerce integrations your brand can:

  • Create a more delightful customer experience
  • Take advantage of new marketplaces and channels more quickly and easily
  • Keep orders flowing with reliable, scalable solutions and best-in-class support
  • Quickly offer more sales channels by connecting Oracle ERP with integrated EDI and your web store(s)

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