Accelerate Order Processing and Eliminate Manual Effort

To successfully grow your online channel, it is vital to ship orders on-time. The need to keep up with competitors means you can’t waste time retyping order and shipping data between Sage 300 and your eCommerce storefront.

With TrueCommerce storefront integrations for TrueCommerce Nexternal, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, you can quickly put an end to manual data entry and begin processing orders much more quickly and accurately, without increasing staff.

By leveraging automation to decrease fulfillment lead time and reduce operational costs, your brand can immediately improve service levels, enhance profitability and get more business value from selling online.


Slash Order Lead Times

  • Transfer order and customer data automatically from your storefront into Sage 300, so you can start processing orders almost as soon as buyers place them.
  • Automatically send fulfillment status and tracking data to your storefront to proactively update customers on order status.
  • Keep inventory data in sync between your storefront and Sage 300. Accurate product availability information is key to a positive customer experience.


Get More to Grow On

  • Link Sage 300 to your choice of 100-plus cyber marketplaces worldwide, including Amazon Jet, Google and AliExpress, with our TrueCommerce Marketplace integration
  • Comply with major retailer and distributor procurement requirements with integrated TrueCommerce EDI for Sage 300
  • Link Sage 300 to TrueCommerce Pack & Ship—our multi-carrier shipping software—to save time and money with improved packing accuracy, faster label printing and lower shipping costs with rate shopping.
  • Improve your omni-channel customer experience by syncing product content and pricing automatically between your storefront, your Sage 300 business system and other channels using TrueCommerce Product Information Management (PIM).
TrueCommerce Storefront Integration

Connect Once, Sell Forever

Across storefronts, marketplaces, EDI, your Sage 300 business system and your supply chain solutions, TrueCommerce brings connectivity to your commerce-driven world. Our integrated technology platform can connect you to leading retailers, simplify EDI compliance with any partner, streamline your order fulfillment, sync your product content across all your channels, and more. Anything less isn’t omni-enough.


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