Integrated EDI Saves Time and Money

EDI integration with Sage 500 makes it easy to process EDI documents to meet all your trading partners’ requirements. EDI/ERP integration also automates data entry operations that you would otherwise need to do by hand—leading to enhanced responsiveness, a stronger vendor scorecard, reduced operating costs and fewer errors, delays and chargebacks. 

EDI for Sage 500 from TrueCommerce includes all the components needed to successfully implement a fully integrated EDI system, including an EDI translator, network services and award-winning TrueCommerce support. The only things you’ll need to become EDI compliant are a broadband Internet connection and a Windows-based PC. Let TrueCommerce handle the rest!

An Investment that Pays for Itself Many Times Over

  • An easy-to-use UI and a wide range of configuration choices help accelerate your transaction processing 
  • Our Global Trading Network reduces EDI total cost of ownership by up to 50% compared with competing offerings
  • Automatic trading partner mapping changes and US-based support are yours at no cost
  • No annual contract obligations and no burdensome network charges or maintenance fees

“We use TrueCommerce Transaction Manager to receive EDI orders from trading partners, validate that they are complete and correct, and then export the data into our Sage 500 ERP system. Most of our larger customers generate EDI orders, so manual orders aren’t an option. As a business trying to keep up in the industry, integrated EDI is just something you need to do.”

Ann Harper
Customer Service Manager
King's Hawaiian 

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Be More Connected

Fully automate your processes with integration

Integrates a Wide Range of Key Documents

Exchange critical business documents with trading partners via EDI while continuing to manage them in Sage 500: 

  • Import inbound EDI 850/875 Sales Orders as Sales Orders in Sage 500
  • Create outbound EDI 856 Advance Ship Notices from Shipments in Sage 500
  • Create outbound EDI 810/880 Invoices from Invoices in Sage 500
Kings Hawaiian
Success Story

King's Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian Relies on TrueCommerce EDI and the Nexternal eCommerce Platform to Deliver Aloha Spirit to Its B2B and B2C Customers Nationwide
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Achieve EDI compliance quickly and easily through your web browser
  • Import inbound EDI 810/880 Invoices as Receipt of Invoice documents in Sage 500
  • Create outbound EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Orders from Sales Orders/Picklists in Sage 500
  • Create outbound EDI 850/880 Purchase Orders from Purchase Orders in Sage 500
  • Import inbound EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice documents as Shipments in Sage 500

Customer Success Using EDI with Sage 500 ERP

When Blu Pharmaceuticals needed to integrate its Sage 500 ERP system with an EDI solution, the Kentucky firm turned to TrueCommerce. “We wanted an integrated EDI system from the time the business started,” said Blu Pharmaceuticals IT Coordinator Jenny Furlong. “We needed an EDI system that would integrate well with the business software, be easy to use, eliminate manual entry and the potential for errors, be well supported and, of course, be very cost-effective.”

Blu Pharmaceuticals appreciates the cost savings associated with TrueCommerce’s end-to-end solution. Without TrueCommerce, Blu Pharmaceuticals would have needed to hire a new employee to process EDI transactions. “The cost of implementation, even including our ongoing monthly costs, is considerably less than adding another employee salary,” Furlong said.


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