Connect Sage with All Your Order Channels

In today’s omni-channel retail environment, you need to exchange data with all your order channels rapidly, accurately and at scale. That requires integration and automation, which enables you to eliminate ad hoc and manual activities that waste precious time and shrink profits.

For Sage BusinessVision or BVEssentials users, TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain. With seamless integrations, you can automate data movement among all your top order channels:

Integrated EDI for Sage

  • EDI for Sage BusinessVision and BVEssentials automates inbound POs, outbound invoices and outbound ASNs
  • Convert POs in Sage to EDI 940 warehouse shipping orders to automate communications with 3PLs
  • Built-in safeguards verify that EDI documents are complete and correct before transmitting them—reducing errors, delays and chargebacks
  • Eliminate manual tasks to manage a growing order volume without adding staff



Why Customers Recommend TrueCommerce

Connect to Marketplaces

  • Automatically transfer order, inventory and shipping information with marketplace integrations for Sage
  • Integrate inbound orders, outbound inventory and outbound fulfillments between Sage and marketplaces 
  • Why interact with multiple marketplace portals when you can manage all your marketplaces in one place?
TrueCommerce Storefront Integration

Connect to Your Online Storefront

  • Improve your eCommerce customer experience with storefront integrations for Sage BusinessVision
  • Seamlessly transfer order and customer data between your web store and Sage, without retyping
  • Automatically exchange inventory positions between your eCommerce site and Sage
  • Integrates with BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

Connect Drop Ship to Your ERP

  • Consolidate drop ship systems with one drop ship integration gateway for increased efficiency 
  • Automatically sync order and fulfillment data with your ERP to improve shipping speed 
  • Put your data to work with operational analytics that improve KPI visibility 
  • Onboard new drop ship programs in days, rather than months 
Shipping Logos

Integrated Shipping for Sage

  • Cut costs and save time with automated shipping features like label printing and ASN generation
  • Connect with more than 60 global carriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx and more 
  • Prevent errors and data latency issues by syncing orders with your ERP  
  • Meet partner compliance standards and raise your vendor score  
Fully automate your processes with integration

Import Email and PDF Orders to Your ERP

  • Allow your retail partners to send orders via fax or email with easy EDI translation and integration
  • Transfer data from faxes, printed orders and emails directly to your ERP  
  • Process orders rapidly to ensure an exceptional customer experience 
  • Decrease time spent rekeying and enable your workers to focus on higher value projects 

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