Automate Data Exchange with Marketplaces to Improve Service, Revenue and Sales

Offering products on cyber marketplaces has many potential benefits for brands. But an inability to integrate marketplace data with your business management systems can force you to process marketplace orders and update product availability and pricing data by hand, a slow and error-prone approach that frequently leads to poor customer experiences. 

For Sage BusinessVision or BVEssentials users, TrueCommerce helps you overcome this challenge by integrating Sage with 100-plus top-level marketplaces globally, including Amazon, Rakuten, Overstock, Lazada Game.. and the list goes on.

By automating the exchange of order, inventory and fulfillment data between Sage and marketplaces, your business can manage marketplace orders with far greater accuracy and efficiency, using automated processes—so you can reduce costs, enhance service levels and grow your marketplace business. 

Manage Marketplace Orders Electronically

  • Move order data between marketplaces and Sage automatically
  • Generate new customers in Sage automatically from marketplace orders
  • Email tracking and fulfillment information to consumers via marketplaces 
  • Automatically confirm pricing and items to eliminate errors before they effect buyers

Sync Inventory Across Marketplaces

  • Seamlessly sync inventory positions between marketplaces and Sage at anytime
  • Manage inventory for all your marketplaces in one convenient system
  • Helps reduce the potential for stockouts and overselling
Sage 500 Marketplace Integration | Connect Once. Sell Forever

Connect Once. Sell Forever.

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