Storefront Integration with Sage Pro Improves Your Customer Experience 

For many companies, eCommerce is becoming more and more critical for growing sales, revenue and market share. But success with online selling isn’t just about products and pricing—it’s also about the customer experience. 

A competitive online customer experience includes minimal order lead times and the availability of accurate inventory and pricing information on your storefront. As many brands have discovered, trying to manage these processes manually wastes too much time, introduces too many mistakes and slows scalability as order volumes rise. 

TrueCommerce offers integration between your Sage Pro business system and market-leading eCommerce platforms, including TrueCommerce Nexternal, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. With our solution you can exchange order, inventory and customer information automatically between Sage Pro and your storefront, putting a stop to delays and the need for laborious and error-prone retyping.

More efficient order processing, fewer mistakes and more up-to-date information on your storefront means fewer disappointed customers. That, in turn, leads to more repeat business, more sales and bigger profits from your online channel.

TrueCommerce Storefront Integration

Choose Your Platform

Share order, inventory and customer data automatically between Sage Pro and these market-leading storefront platforms:


Elevate Your Customer Experience

  • Send order and customer information automatically from your storefront to Sage Pro when orders are placed, to slash order lead time
  • Update buyers automatically by sending order status information to them via your storefront from Sage Pro
  • Sync inventory and pricing on your web store as frequently as needed

Eliminate Delays & Errors

  • Automation improves order accuracy, for fewer shipping delays and errors 
  • When your online store displays correct product availability data, buyers won’t inadvertently order out-of-stock items
  • Automated order updates mean fewer questions from buyers for your staff to field


“We went from being sixty to ninety days behind on our invoicing to being 100% up-to-date the first day we began using the TrueCommerce EDI system. With the old solution it took twenty minutes to process an invoice. Now we can do all of them in less than five minutes. We currently average thirty to forty EDI invoices per day, but we could handle hundreds just as quickly.”

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