Automate Data Interchange with Marketplaces 

Offering your products on cyber marketplaces can help attract new customers and increase sales. But a lack of data integration has often made it hard for brands to process marketplace orders efficiently and keep inventory positions up-to-date, since everything must be done by hand.

TrueCommerce tears down these barriers to success for Sage X3 customers by offering user-friendly integration with 100-plus cyber marketplaces the world over, including Google, Amazon, Newegg, AliExpress and many, many more.

By automating the movement of order, shipping and inventory information between Sage and your marketplaces, the TrueCommerce Marketplace integration helps you cut shipping lead times on marketplace orders—to boost your marketplace channel’s growth potential, and save money. 

Fulfill Faster

  • Transfer order information between marketplaces and Sage with near real-time speed
  • Automatically generate new customers in Sage based on marketplace orders 
  • Seamlessly email shipment and tracking information to consumers via marketplaces
  • Confirm items and pricing automatically to prevent potential mistakes from impacting customers

Quickly Sync Marketplaces Inventory

  • Deal with inventory for all your marketplaces in one convenient place—no more “portal hopping”
  • Keep inventory details up-to-date between Sage and marketplaces with minimal effort
  • Keep customers happy by avoiding overselling and stockouts 

Connect Once. Sell Forever.

Leverage more TrueCommerce integrations to:

  • Automate more order processing by linking Sage X3 with your eCommerce storefront 
  • Connect to major retailers and other large trading partners via integrated EDI for Sage X3
  • Offer a true omni-channel customer experience with seamless synchronization of your multimedia product content across channels
  • Keep transactions flowing with best-in-class support and reliable, scalable solutions

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