Improve Customer Responsiveness and Cut Operating Costs with Marketplace Integration

Selling through online marketplaces can be a great way to sell more products and introduce new customers to your brand. But a lack of integration with your ERP can make it problematic to process marketplace orders efficiently and keep inventory data in sync. The resulting manual effort extends order lead times, introduces errors, adds to costs and constrains business growth.

TrueCommerce eliminates this manual effort for SAP ECC users by integrating your ERP with 100-plus marketplaces from around the world, including Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten, NewEgg and many others.

By automating data interchange between marketplaces and SAP ECC, you can slash the lead time on these time-sensitive orders as you proactively reduce errors to improve the strategic value of your marketplace channel while cutting operational costs. 

Boost Marketplace Order Efficiency

  • Exchange order data quickly and easily between SAP ECC and marketplaces
  • Create new customers in SAP ECC automatically from marketplace orders 
  • Send customers their fulfillment and tracking information through the marketplace 
  • Proactively eliminate errors by automatically checking pricing and items

“The TrueCommerce Amazon Marketplace integration automates everything that we can do outside Amazon’s portal, which eliminates manual steps and saves us a lot of time—it’s invaluable.”

Jessica Degregorio
E-Retail Sales
Winning Streak Sports


Sync Inventory with Marketplaces 

  • Update inventory for any and all of your marketplaces with the same easy-to-use system
  • Easily sync product quantities between SAP ECC and marketplaces as often as you need to
  • Accurate inventory data means fewer disappointed shoppers and a more positive customer experience 

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