Unleashed Integration

Unleashed Integration

To do business in every direction, modern companies need efficient and affordable data integration across multiple channels and with trading partners. Support your omnichannel marketing with a flexible eCommerce solution that automatically collects and processes orders from your top channels, with no need to transfer data by hand.

The TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce platform aggregates orders from your storefront, B2B portal, Amazon Seller Central, point-of-sale (PoS) system, and phone orders in one robust order management system. With a seamless connection to Unleashed, you can eliminate manual data entry and process orders faster and more accurately.

Bringing EDI to Unleashed

Unleashed is a great tool to help you cultivate a B2B storefront, but if you work with other sales channels, you might be spending countless hours re-keying orders and dealing with the delays and errors that come with it. TrueCommerce delivers a complete cloud-based connection across your supply chain, with a wide range of integrations, scalability, and helpful add-ons.

Gain flexibility in your data handling with an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution. TrueCommerce can help you communicate with nearly any trading partner with reliable, accurate EDI formatting and the ability to work in whatever format they prefer.

TrueCommerce allows you to bring together data from Unleashed and other trading channels into one centralized location, from which you can automate labor-intensive tasks, meet diverse demands from trading partners, sync inventory data across channels, and accommodate growing order volume without the need for additional staff. As you add trading partners or requirements change, making adjustments is quick and easy.

Integrating TrueCommerce and Nexternal allows you to automatically generate new Unleashed customers from purchase orders, automatically exchange order data, sync inventory quantities, and much more. From streamlining your order processing to increasing fulfillment speeds, TrueCommerce can help you meet your goals with an array of intelligent tools, all consolidated in one easy-to-use platform.

Unleashed Amazon Integration and TrueCommerce

The Unleashed Amazon integration can connect these two storefronts. As you add more channels to your business, you'll need to make sure they're all connected to avoid stockouts, inconsistent listings, processing delays, and other issues associated with managing multiple channels. TrueCommerce can bridge this gap, linking your Unleashed Amazon integration with the rest of your channels and data.

Streamline eCommerce Processes With TrueCommerce and Unleashed Integration

Unleashed Amazon Integration and TrueCommerce

With our Unleashed software integrations, you can take advantage of business-wide benefits like:

When you eliminate manual entry, you can save time and money by focusing your efforts on higher-value tasks. You also get to avoid the operational delays that come from slow order processing, miscommunication, or chasing down data. With a centralized platform, you can access and manage your EDI transactions all from one place, without the need to reconcile duplicate or inaccurate information.

Less manual entry means you can significantly reduce errors, which in turn reduces the costs and labor required to fix the errors. TrueCommerce enlists several verification tools to make sure your EDI transactions are up to par before reaching their destination. Centralizing your channels allows you to stay consistent across platforms for reliable and up-to-date listings. You can minimize delays, improve vendor communication, and provide your customers with positive experiences.

With less labor required for repetitive tasks, you can save significantly by making your employees' work more valuable and cost-effective. The benefits of improved performance, accuracy, and customer satisfaction are also likely to boost your bottom line.

Data validation and productivity improvements can help you strengthen your relationships with vendors and offer simple compliance with their EDI requirements. TrueCommerce can check your EDI transactions and alert you to any missing or invalid data. It also validates entries with tools for unit price verification, duplicate order checking, and confirmation of purchase orders, items, and unit pricing.

As you connect with trading partners, TrueCommerce can help you ensure fewer rejected invoices, payment delays, or chargebacks to keep your reputation strong.

As you offer faster order processing, more reliability, and up-to-date order visibility, you can help your customers enjoy a better buying experience. Send orders to TrueCommerce as soon as they're placed for faster processing, and update tracking information across both to keep customers in the loop.

A cohesive system and better brand image can create happy customers and minimal inquiries or problems, leading to more repeat buyers and word-of-mouth advertising.

Adding centralized product management helps you ensure that your inventories stay in sync across various channels. No matter where you sell, you can avoid out-of-stock notices or overselling that could lose sales or create unhappy customers. With responsive fulfillment, TrueCommerce can help you gain a complete picture of your products to optimize operations. 

Product management tools allow you to stay consistent across channels and pull from a repository of information for listings sent to different channels.

Do More With TrueCommerce Add-Ons

Integrating Unleashed and your other channels with TrueCommerce gives you more than just basic connections. It also involves a long list of resources to help you optimize EDI and do more with your tools, including:


Converting PDFs, emails, and prints to EDI: The TrueCommerce conversion tool allows you to turn orders from almost any source into EDI. Whether your partners want to send emails, PDFs, or printed documents, you can easily work with them without slowing down. There's no need to waste time re-keying orders and trying to convert them to a standardized format.


Product information management: With TrueCommerce, you can organize and optimize all of your product data for different channels, all from one place. Import your content from Unleashed, suppliers, or other channels and manage information according to the rules of specific channel standards. Aggregate your product content — such as descriptions, attributes, specifications, and images — for easy, centralized management.


Transaction automation: Set up automatic processing between Unleashed and TrueCommerce for invoices, sales orders, sales order updates, advance shipment notices, goods-out notices, and more. Hands-off data management allows you to minimize manual entry and feed channels into Unleashed and TrueCommerce.


Human-readable EDI: In the TrueCommerce Transaction Manager, your raw EDI data — including ANSI ASC X12 and EDIFACT standards — gets converted into human-readable formats, so you can easily understand what information is moving through the business.


Scheduler: Set up data exchanges between TrueCommerce, Unleashed, and other channels when it works best for your operations.

However you use TrueCommerce, our experienced team is there for you every step of the way. Whether you're an EDI pro or are just getting started, we can make integration seamless and simple and offer technical support as your business grows and evolves.

Optimize Your Sales Channels With TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce simplifies omnichannel sales for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. With an easy-to-use platform, comprehensive support and streamlined data management, we help businesses automate, improve, and thrive in a diverse eCommerce environment.

To learn more about using TrueCommerce alongside Unleashed, reach out to us today!