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63rd EUEW (European Union of Electrical Wholesalers) Convention - Bonn (GER)

Meet us at the EUEW Conference in Bonn Germany.


Why should you attend?

EUEW is the opportunity to meet the movers and shakers, thought leaders and influencers of the European electrical wholesaling industry

It is also the occasion to meet TrueCommerce Datalliance VMI experts.

Why should we meet at the 63rd EUEW Convention in Bonn … or elsewhere?

Our Vendor Managed Inventory solution helps tens of electrical distributors’ operating companies and suppliers as we’re speaking.
Distributors are seeing faster turns, less administrative/ordering work and better service levels. At the same time, participating Suppliers increase their market share, consolidate their trading relationships and streamline their supply chain.

Talk to us & evaluate if your company could also apply the same processes.

Contact details: Philippe Funken, Sales Director EME

Media Contact

Claire Gibbons
Director of Marketing
0845 643 6600
[email protected]