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How Aftermarket Goes to Market with TrueCommerce Nexternal

November 6, 2019
Katech Success

B2B E-Commerce World, the leading publication covering B2B digital commerce, took an in-depth look at how Katech, a TrueCommerce customer, has revamped its online operations. A decade ago the premier performance engine and vehicle builder serving the automotive aftermarket took what the article describes as “the ecommerce plunge,” adopting TrueCommerce Nexternal as their eCommerce platform.

Katech has turned it into an agile tool capable of “meeting the expectations of customers in a highly competitive industry,” notes the story.

TrueCommerce Nexternal’s capability to quickly create new product pages with high-resolution photos and rich product detail to enhance the user experience, especially intrigued Peter Lucas, the B2B E-Commerce World editor who interviewed Katech and Ross Elliott, president of TrueCommerce. Katech’s ecommerce store has more than 800 product pages, 200 of which include vehicle product packages. The article points out that the company can now create pages using HTML code, which doesn’t require a lot of heavy programming.

According to Ross Elliott, “Part of our approach to product merchandising is to provide customers the tools to build product pages without having to spend a lot of money internally to do so or hire an agency.”

The article points out that Katech has achieved other impressive highlights:

  • Same day shipping - the ability to process, package and ship same-day any orders that arrive by 2 p.m.
  • The ability to process a growing order volume (including drop-shipped orders) with just a couple of shipping people.
  • The ability to integrate the TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce platform with other systems. Leveraging a third-party integration solution, Katech’s team eliminated the need to re-enter orders by automatically moving data between the order management system and its Sage 100 accounting software.

Read the article and the in-depth Katech success story to learn more.