eCommerce and ERP Integration

Connect Nexternal eCommerce System and Business System

Integrating your TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce webstore and back-end business system accelerates eCommerce order fulfillment.

eCommerce Integration for Business Systems

To keep pace and grow your business in today’s omni-channel world, having the ability to automate and accelerate order processing across all channels is crucial to preserving your bottom line. It’s no surprise that manually transferring orders from your Nexternal eCommerce platform, into your backend business system, puts an added strain on your internal resources. Not to mention, costly errors from manual processing erode your profit margins.

Implementing a direct integration between your web store and back-end business system is a critical element for driving faster communications, streamlining order fulfillment, and achieving higher customer satisfaction levels.

The TrueCommerce eStore Integration™ accelerates order fulfillment by completely automating the exchange of data between Nexternal and leading business systems such as Intuit, Microsoft, Sage, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, and many more. It can update customers with shipping, inventory, and product details as well. The cloud-based integration can even send orders from Amazon Seller Central directly to your business system, making it easier to sell successfully on Amazon.

eCommerce Integration Key Features

  • Improve process efficiency and accelerate order fulfillment by automating the exchange of data between your webstore and backend business system.
  • Define an order status trigger that is appropriate for your particular business (Paid, Placed, In Process, Fulfilled, and more)
    • Track order status updates, and modifications, back into your eCommerce platform. as needed (e.g. ship dates, tracking numbers, quantity changes, and price changes)
    • Our scalable, adaptable, cloud-based solution makes it easy to add EDI.
    • Top-rated customer support—just ask a TrueCommerce customer!

As your business expands to include big box retailers, TrueCommerce will continue to be your vendor of choice. Meet EDI compliance requirements head on when you work with an industry-leading, single-vendor solution, allowing you to remain competitive within your vertical market. Our scalable, adaptable, cloud-based integration platform means lower total cost of ownership and reduced IT complexity.

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