Fashion and Apparel Retail


Fashion a Better Supply Chain with Integrated Solutions 

As a fashion retailer, you don’t have the luxury of a slow supply chain. Today’s customers demand full shelves and faster-than-ever delivery, but also expect new fashion items every season (if not more often!). You might have hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to manage across multiple store locations, not to mention DCs and/or 3PL warehouses. If you are selling online as well as in stores, the complexities multiply.

To meet demand across all your channels, you need a supply chain that is fast, accurate, and above all, transparent. But too many fashion retailers still rely on manual data entry to move orders from sales channels to internal systems. Not only are manual processes slow; they also create order errors that can drive up the apparel industry’s already high return rates.

TrueCommerce’s innovative Foundry Platform is tailor-made to button up the holes in your supply chain, streamline order processing, and make it easier to manage all your demand channels. By integrating directly with your ERP system, our solutions eliminate manual data entry, while giving you the real-time visibility you need to respond to rapid changes in demand. With solutions for everything from eCommerce to fulfillment, you’ll be able to connect with consumers wherever they shop and keep your delivery promise. And because we know too many accessories is a fashion faux pas, our unified commerce solution lets you manage your entire supply chain from a single user interface. 

“Save Nine” With EDI

Electronic data interchange is the “stitch in time” your business needs to get apparel products on shelves and into consumer’s hands fast.

  • Set EDI compliance standards and communication timelines for your suppliers
  • Send orders and receive acknowledgments, ASNs, and status updates quickly for better visibility
  • Automate replenishment orders to cut lead times and keep shelves stocked
  • Effortlessly communicate with DC’s and 3PL partners for rapid fulfillment

Dress Up Your eCommerce

Having an eCommerce store isn’t enough in the fashion world. To win over consumers, you need an online storefront that’s easy to find, easy to use, easy to share, and even easier to love.

  • Help customers find what they’re looking for with powerful search filters and product sorting
  • Show off your styles with rich product content, image galleries, videos, and more
  • Sell more with an always on-screen shopping cart, related item suggestions and other upsell tools
  • Avoid customer frustrations with automated inventory updates and “in-stock” customer notification options

Cut Out Supplier Management Issues

Just like your customers, apparel suppliers come in all sizes—and all levels of technical ability. Supplier enablement digitizes and standardizes supplier communications for seamless ordering.

  • EDI lets you easily exchange documents with technically mature suppliers
  • web-EDI portal lets suppliers create PO acknowledgments and ASNs without investing in full EDI
  • email and PDF translation digitizes incoming documents to meet your ERP needs
  • Fully managed supplier onboarding lets you start ordering from new suppliers quickly

Get Form, Fit, and Function

Cloud-based, digitally-driven solutions are the hottest thing in fashion supply chains. But our solutions are designed to go deeper, with the support and tools you need for long-term success.

  • Fully managed service model reduces IT workloads while keeping your supply chain on the cutting edge
  • Analytics dashboards let you evaluate supplier, sales channel, and internal performance
  • In-platform tutorials and guides get you fast answers to questions
  • 24/7 customer service in your time zone offers easy access to supply chain experts