Connect Your Key Channels with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Brands doing business in every direction are finding new buyers in growing order channels like online storefronts, online marketplaces and drop-ship vendor programs. But success in these hyper competitive channels takes efficiency and precision. Manual processes like rekeying data cause delays and errors that negatively impact the customer experience and the bottom line.

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customers, TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain. Our Trading Partner Platform offers robust, plug-and-play integrations to automate data transfer between Dynamics 365 BC and your most strategic  channels:

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Integrate EDI

  • User-friendly cloud-to-cloud EDI integration with no software to install or support 
  • Automates EDI sales order and invoice transactions, including entering inbound orders, generating outbound order confirmations and processing invoices and credit memos—say goodbye to retyping! 
  • Send PO acknowledgements from sales orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically 
  • Meet all your trading partner EDI compliance requirement
Conchita Foods Quote

More Connected

  • Single-vendor solution makes it simple and affordable to meet EDI requirements and connect your business with your sales channels and fulfillment partners
  • Operates as a true extension to Business Central versus customizing it, to eliminate challenges with updates or issues with implementing other third-party solutions
  • Intuitive user experience increases efficiency, reduces manual effort, and improves your vendor scorecard performance
  • Built-in validations and error notifications let you manage by exception to accelerate payment, eliminate chargebacks and improve vendor scorecards
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Success Story

Conchita Foods

Conchita Foods Chooses TrueCommerce Integrated EDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to Serve Their Essential Ingredients to Major food Retailers
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TrueCommerce Storefront Integration

Integrate Storefronts 

  • Move storefront data automatically between Dynamics 365 BC and your online store with integrated eCommerce solutions
  • Connects Dynamics 365 BC to TrueCommerce Nexternal, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce sites 
  • Sync inventory quantities on-demand between your eCommerce site and Dynamics 365 BC
  • Reduce labor expense and lead time on orders to increase the profitability and competitiveness of your online channel
  • Create new customers in Business Central when you generate eCommerce, drop ship or marketplace sales orders

Integrate Marketplaces 

  • Effortlessly exchange order, inventory, and fulfillment information between Dynamics 365 BC and online marketplaces 
  • Manage orders from all your online sales channels with one convenient marketplace integration platform and process 
  • Connect to new marketplaces quickly and easily

Dropship Your Way to Success

  • Configure multiple shipping processes to meet trading partner needs automatically with a single-vendor drop shipping solution
  • Link to 250+ drop ship programs from global leaders such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target  
  • Bring on new drop ship programs in just days as you grow 
  • Guarantee compliance with trading partner requirements, including accelerated fulfillment timetables, label standards and more 
How PIM Works

Publish Product Information Automatically

  • Create a dynamic, central source of truth for product information management, and update products with ease 
  • Manage content workflows with product lifecycles, and create filtered views for different users 
  • Manage digital assets like video, images, 360-degree views, and more 
  • Win more sales and reduce returns caused by incorrect information 

Integrated Pack & Ship

  • Increase shipping accuracy and eliminate chargebacks with powerful Pack & Ship features like address validation, weight audits, and pack verification
  • Decrease the cost of fulfillment with powerful rate shopping  
  • Sync orders with your ERP to reduce errors from manual retyping  
  • Automatically inform customers of order status with branded email notifications  
Reduce administration with 100% electronic trading with your suppliers

Integrate Emailed Orders with Your ERP

  • Reduce fulfillment costs and eliminate error-prone manual retyping  
  • Free internal resources from time-consuming order conversion 
  • Expedited order processing to meet tight delivery timeframes 
  • Translate email, fax and PDF data into your business system with email-to-EDI integrations

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