Uncomplicate Product Information Management and Increase Your Brand’s Sales Opportunities

Whether your business is a brand-new start up, an established SMB, or a larger manufacturer, you know that building your brand isn’t easy. And once you’ve established an amazing brand, with great messaging, a fantastic image, and innovative products, the next big challenge is brand consistency. No matter where you sell or how customers find your brand, you want them to have a branded, exemplary shopping experience, every time. 

Product content plays a key role in creating brand consistency, especially across digital channels like your eCommerce store, online marketplaces, and etail/drop ship listings. But managing data for multiple channels can quickly become overwhelming—especially as your business and product lines grow. Before you know it, you’re chest-deep in excel files, emails, and data entry work. 

Luckily, there’s a better way. TrueCommerce Product Manager is an innovative product information management (PIM) solution for manufacturing, designed to reduce strain on your teams while enabling rich content creation and accurate data wherever you sell. Product lifecycles let you define workflows and collaborate with your teammates. Digital asset management allows you to upload, store, and publish rich media like videos, 360-degree views, and images to your products. And with automated synchronization, you can create a consistent shopping experience, without hours of copy-and-paste work.

Business System Integrations

Integrate Product Manager with Your ERP

Your accounting system lies at the heart of your business. Our PIM system connects directly to your ERP to source accurate and up-to-date product information, automatically. 

  • Connect with 25+ leading ERP systems to automatically import product content into PIM 
  • Automatically update products in Product Manager when they’re updates in your business system 
  • Create a dynamic, single source of truth for all your product content to save time and reduce costly product content errors 
  • Reduce the burden on your internal resources, from marketing teams to product management, to IT 
Grow your brand and sales with TrueCommerce PIM

Connect Once, Sell Anywhere

Go wherever business takes you with automated product data syndication from TrueCommerce Product Manager. Sell more in more places, without straining your team. 

  • Automatically syndicate content and update it regularly for the most accurate listings  
  • Map product information to meet diverse eCommerce, marketplace, and retailer requirements 
  • Bring new products to market quickly by publishing to specific channels automatically based on categories/attributes 
  • Publish accurate catalogs to dozens of sales channels utilizing pre-set templates, create your own templates, and download files to send to non-integrated retail trading partners 
  • Quickly connect with more resellers and sales channels of all sizes 

Go to Market Faster

Whether you’re updating existing products or launching new items, PIM makes it easy to publish rich product information to your eCommerce channels quickly and accurately. 

  • Connect Product Manager to your digital channels, such as Shopify, TrueCommerce Nexternal or other eCommerce storefronts for automatic syndication 
  • Tailor product content to enhance SEO visibility on marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Google Shopping 
  • Enable easy search for customers on your eCommerce storefront with limitless categories and attributes 
  • Translate product descriptions, specs, and more into 60+ languages to support global customer experiences  
How PIM Works

Collaborate for Maximum Content Quality

TrueCommerce Product Manager enables you to create workflows and collaborate, making it easy to use PIM for marketing across your channels. 

  • Create unique workflows to manage product content creation, digital asset management, and publication to your channels with Product Lifecycles  
  • Share access with team members and content creators. Control access levels and enable users to filter to the view they need to work on. 
  • Send automatic alerts based on product statuses to team members for enhanced collaboration 
  • Enrich product listings with digital assets like videos and images, and validate product for accuracy and completeness before publishing 
Increase conversion rates with TrueCommerce PIM

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Go directly to sale with rich product content that helps customers find the perfect item to purchase, every time. 

  • Increase sales with rich content, attributes, SEO tagging, and support for rich media content like videos  
  • Ensure product data accuracy to eliminate customer frustrations and reduce returns 
  • Provide greater product details, including limitless attributes, dimensions and descriptions, compatibility information, and more 
  • Ensure customers have a seamless shopping experience, no matter where they buy 
IDC PIM Marketscape

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide PIM for Commerce Applications 

After a thorough evaluation of TrueCommerce's strategy and capabilities, IDC has positioned the company in the Contenders category. Strengths include: 

  • Cloud-native: TrueCommerce Product Manager was built in the cloud and has a modern API-first, microservices-based architecture.
  • ERP Integrations: TrueCommerce Product Manager comes pre-integrated to over 30 ERPs as a source of product data.
  • TrueCommerce Platform: TrueCommerce Product Manager is built on top of TrueCommerce's Foundry commerce platform. The intention of these unified applications is to enable customers to manage products and orders across a wide range of digital channels.

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