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Product information management isn’t a one-person job. From your product teams to your marketing experts, to graphic designers, to outside consultants and even your suppliers, creating an optimized product listing requires collaboration. But without the right process and technology, collaboration can easily turn into chaos. 

TrueCommerce Product Manager’s Product Lifecycles feature is designed to clear the clutter, making it easy for users to work together. First, integration pulls data from your chosen sources, eliminating the need for endless emails and data entry. Then, user configurations, product statuses, and alerts help ensure the right people have access to the right product content at the right time. Validation makes checking your work—and your team’s—simple, while automatic readiness checks ensure nothing is left out. 

With PIM and Product Lifecycles, you can streamline your product content processes, create better listings, and go wherever business takes you.

Business System Integrations

Source Data with Ease

With integrations for many leading ERP systems and simple importation from supplier files, you can quickly add new products, and update existing items in Product Manager. 

  • Choose where your data is coming from with direct ERP integration, configurable supplier access, and easy file uploads 
  • Map incoming data to the correct fields to automatically fill in key product information 
  • Schedule data syncing with your business system to ensure up-to-date product information 
  • Configure alerts for incoming products, status changes, and more 
PIM Customer Experience

Create Rich Product Content

Optimize your product listings with romance copy, SEO tags, rich media, and more for a fantastic shopping experience on every channel. 

  • Define your unique content creation process with drag-and-drop workflows and customizable product statuses 
  • Collaborate with team members, outside designers and consultants, and other stakeholders with configurable access and alerts 
  • Add digital assets including images, video, 360 images, PDFs, and other documents, such as warranties 
  • Define channel-specific titles, descriptions, and attributes to meet requirements and increase SEO visibility 
Status Bar

Validate Product Readiness

Easily assess a product’s lifecycle “stage” with Health Bars and status filters. Content readiness checks tell you exactly what’s missing, so you can make sure every product is truly ready before publication. 

  • Use visual Health Bars to quickly measure each product’s readiness 
  • Assess product readiness at the brand and channel level by defining pre-publication rules 
  • Define your brand standards, and establish standards for your suppliers for better content from sourcing through syndication 
  • Prevent costly mistakes by ensuring product content is 100% ready before publication with automatic alert messages 
How PIM Works

Publish to All Your Channels

The last step in your product lifecycle is publication—but we don’t stop there. With content mapping and regular updates, it’s easy to ensure your product content stays accurate, and up to date. 

  • Map content developed in Product Manager to the proper fields for each channel/retailer  
  • Pre-define product rules to add items to the right catalogs and channels upon publication 
  • Automate syndication schedules to keep products updated 
  • Automatically publish new products to specific channels using limitless, customized rules 
IDC PIM Marketscape

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide PIM for Commerce Applications

After a thorough evaluation of TrueCommerce's strategy and capabilities, IDC has positioned the company in the Contenders category. Strengths include: 

  • Cloud-native: TrueCommerce Product Manager was built in the cloud and has a modern API-first, microservices-based architecture.
  • ERP Integrations: TrueCommerce Product Manager comes pre-integrated to over 30 ERPs as a source of product data.
  • TrueCommerce Platform: TrueCommerce Product Manager is built on top of TrueCommerce's Foundry commerce platform. The intention of these unified applications is to enable customers to manage products and orders across a wide range of digital channels.

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