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Vijay Minocha, Managing Director, APAC

Vijay Minocha

Managing Director, APAC

As Managing Director of TrueCommerce’s Asia-Pacific offices, Vijay will be responsible for driving our strategy and managing operations in that region. As a part of the ELT, he will be working to grow our global footprint and maintain strong relationships with our Asia-Pacific partners.

Vijay Minocha comes to TrueCommerce with a long and successful career in supply chain management and technology. He has held final decision-making positions in Strategic Planning, Operations, Sales, and Customer Service in countries including Singapore, India, Germany, China, and the United Arab Emirates, deepening his knowledge of supply chain issues, especially in Logistics and eCommerce. Prior to joining TrueCommerce, Vijay was the Chief Commercial Officer for Solverminds Solutions and Technologies, a leading provider of management solutions for the Maritime and Ocean industries.

Previously he served as the Chief Sales Officer for CARGOSMART Pvt Ltd and the President APAC for INTTRA, the largest neutral electronic transaction platform, software, and information provider for the ocean shipping industry. In that role, he worked to develop and drive growth strategies within the region and to enhance a collaborating network ensuring product delivery, technological alliances, and service delivery to its customers and partners.