RC Willey Home Furnishings Improves Efficiency and CX With EDI Solution

"Our online business has more than doubled in the current market, and is a key channel for our advertising, promotions and brand awareness. I confidently recommend TrueCommerce-ecUtopia to people who ask, and it’s nice to see how familiar people already are with it in our industry.” - Stuart Peterson, vice president of supply chain with RC Willey Home Furnishings.

Furniture Retailer Elevates EDI From ‘Commodity’ to ‘Value-Added’

To take EDI to another level of effectiveness, RC Willey turned to a new partner: TrueCommerce-ecUtopia. TrueCommerce, a veteran provider of tools for supply-chain and trading-partner connectivity, acquired ecUtopia, which specializes in service to medium-sized businesses, in 2019. The division enabled RC Willey to exchange two key documents with vendors: purchase orders (EDI message format 850) and P.O. acknowledgements (EDI 855). The company is currently implementing a third transaction set, advance ship notice, or ASN (EDI 856).

Coffee Sales 2.0

The E-Commerce Times recently spoke with coffee and e-commerce experts to get their views on what's involved in successful online coffee sales.