Doing business in every direction is easier when you have more sales, strong customer retention, relevant analytics on customer buying patterns and trends, better customer communication, higher shopping cart value and fewer unprofitable customers. What gives you all that? A loyalty program!

With our premium loyalty program, you can award your customers loyalty points for purchases. Customers can then redeem their points for merchandise on future purchases. This feature is 100% digital and native to the platform creating the convenience the customer is looking for.

Nexternal Loyalty Program

Flexible Setup Lets You Create the Perfect Loyalty Program

  • Work in the online catalog and our mobile point-of-sale, True Commerce Engage.
  • Specify how many points a customer will receive per dollar spent. This allows certain items to be worth double points and others to be excluded. 
  • Specify how much virtual currency each point is equivalent to. This can be modified by customer type, or omitted entirely (for example, if b2b shoppers are ineligible). 
  • Specify the lowest value that may be redeemed on an order. Redemptions of points totaling less than this dollar value are not allowed.
  • Specify delayed activation as well as expiration of loyalty points if you have time constraints.
Loyalty Program

Intuitive Features for Customers 

  • Customers can see active, unused point earnings on their "my account" page, along with a summary of total available points and their associated dollar values that also appears in the shopping cart. 
  • Give customers the option to purchase gift certificates with points earned. 
  • Grant loyalty points to an individual customer independently of any purchase, or revoke active point earnings.
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Convenient Features Simplify Loyalty Program Management

  • See the cumulative history of point earnings and redemptions for a given customer. 
  • Export the number of total loyalty points that exist in each customer record. 
  • Search for customers based on the total number of loyalty points in their accounts. 
  • Remind customers of their current balances of loyalty points and loyalty point values via the mail wizard tool.

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