A search engine friendly shopping cart helps you maximize organic traffic to your website without incurring any additional cost. The TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce Platform was built from the ground up with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

Here are some of the ways TrueCommerce Nexternal’s search engine friendly shopping cart helps you do business in every direction by driving more traffic to your online store:

Keyword-Rich Static URLs

  • Embedding keywords in product page URLs helps those pages rank better (e.g., http://store.firstfairway.com/nike-course-umbrella-p10.aspx for the product titled "Nike Course Umbrella”).
  •  Listings also stand out more because the link displayed in the listing is bolded. 
  • Get great results when searching for products by name. 
  • Category pages also support keyword rich URLs

“TrueCommerce Nexternal's shopping cart software is incredibly search engine friendly, giving me a leg up on my competition. My industry is extremely competitive so ranking well in the search engines is essential to my business. I love the fact that I can customize title tags and meta descriptions. Also, having the product name listed in the URL really makes my listings pop on the search engine results pages.”

Pete Hitesman
Relentless Improvement

Customizable Title, Description, and Keyword Meta Elements 

  • You have complete control over Title, Meta Description, and Keyword meta elements. 
  • Load your titles with relevant keywords to help a page rank better without needing to alter the product display name. 
  • Put compelling copy in the meta description to entice shoppers to click through on your listing.
h1 tag

Support for header (H1) Tags 

  • Using header tags is proven to increase the odds that a page will rank well for the specific term within the header tags. 
  • Product Detail screens in TrueCommerce Nexternal wrap the Product Title in H1 tags to help the pages rank better.
secure urls

Secure (https) URLs

Google has favored secure URLs in its search results since 2014. 

  • Your TrueCommerce Nexternal catalog gives you have the option to have every page in your store be secure 100% of the time. 
  •  This extra level of security not only helps your ranking, but also makes shoppers feel more at ease knowing their data is protected by encryption in transit.
Alt image tag

Define Custom Alt Tags

Alt text is the text that is displayed when a browser cannot render images. It has been proven to be an important factor in determining search engine rankings. 

  • The TrueCommerce Nexternal shopping cart will automatically use product and category names as the Alt text for your thumbnail images by default. 
  • Optionally define custom Alt text for each category and/or product.
Canonical element support

Canonical Element Support

The canonical element is a tag that you can put on a page to ensure that the search engine is indexing the appropriate version of a URL, eliminating any confusion for the search engines. TrueCommerce Nexternal uses the canonical element on every page of your catalog.

keyword rich anchor text

Keyword Rich Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable text in a link. An SEO optimized site will use keyword rich anchor text, rather than text like “click here." TrueCommerce Nexternal automatically uses keyword rich anchor text for links that point to category and product pages in the catalog.

tree link structure

Efficient, Tree-Like Link Structure

Search engines need to efficiently get to all your pages to ensure your entire catalog gets indexed.

  • Our eCommerce Platform provides several logical paths for both search engine spiders and consumers to find various category and product pages. 
  • You can also put products into multiple categories to help ensure they are indexed

Your Content is King 

  • The more words the search engines index on a page, the greater the chances that a page will rank well for multiple terms.
  • TrueCommerce Nexternal lets you provide unlimited information in both product and category long descriptions. 
  • TrueCommerce Nexternal supports customer reviews and ratings, allowing your customers to create content for your product pages. 
  • Support for rich Snippets on product detail screens. Rich snippets—labeled data elements such as reviews or prices—are now included in Google search engine results. If a product detail page uses rich snippets, they are displayed on their own line, making the search engine listing taller and capturing more attention. If your store uses reviews, a 4 or 5 star rating can also capture attention to increase click-through rates.
auto-generated robots txt and XML Siteman files

Auto-Generated Robots.txt and XML Sitemap files

If you setup the domain alias feature for your catalog (e.g., store.firstfairway.com), TrueCommerce Nexternal automatically creates two special files. The first is an XML Sitemap in a standard XML format that enables you to list all pages that should be indexed in your domain. When search engines find the sitemap, it gives them a list of URLs to crawl. The second file created is a robot.txt file. When a search engine spider finds a homepage, it will check to see if a robots.txt file exists. This file points to the XML Sitemap file, so the sitemap can be found automatically once the spider finds the domain itself.

301 redirect

301 Redirects for Discontinued Items 

  • When you discontinue a product, you have the option to set up a 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporary) redirect to another product or page. 
  • If a specific product has good "link juice" (positive ranking factors that a link passes from one page to the next), you can permanently redirect it to a similar product or newer version of it without losing this link juice—a bonus from both a user perspective and a search engine optimization perspective.

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