To do business in every direction, you need to be able to handle large amounts of orders efficiently. Batch processing eliminates the need to manually process each order individually, saving you time, enabling faster shipping and leading to a better customer experience.

With batch processing, you can accept multiple credit card payments at the same time, collect on prior authorizations, and mark orders as paid in minutes. You can also process several shipments and mark them as shipped, and assign tracking numbers to packages for accurate and up-to-date shipment tracking. TrueCommerce makes it easy to scale your order volume, while saving time and resource costs, so you can exceed your business sales goals.

Batch Order Laptop

Save Time with More Batch Processes 

  • Print packing slips for all outstanding orders
  • Print invoices 
  • Process just pickup orders and marking them as ready 
  • Process just e-gift certificates and marking them as sent 
  • Send customers custom, system-generated emails

Powerful Automated Features

  • Sort and create shipping labels for orders marked as paid to decrease payment bounce backs on shipped items
  • Search and filter batches for easy prioritization and efficient processing
  • Quickly identify orders still waiting for payment authorization

“TrueCommerce Nexternal has provided me with the professional site and tools I was looking for to manage my online business in a cost effective, streamlined and customer oriented way. I have calculated that the system immediately saved me 3 hours per day in administrative time... worth every dime.”

Donna Drury
Blue Chip Cookies

Batch Ordering Processing Laptop

Work Less, Manage More

TrueCommerce Nexternal’s Order Management System empowers you to process orders according to your unique business needs. 

  • Process individual orders with ease
  • Create custom batches for en masse processing
  • View order status, total billing amount, billing status, shipping compliance and more in one integrated console

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