As a web developer, you probably have a set of criteria that you use to help your client select the right eCommerce system for their business. This page addresses many of the questions that web developers often have:

Flexible Layout

Can TrueCommerce Nexternal's Storefront be configured to look like the rest of my client's site?

Absolutely. The Layout section of the Order Management System is where web developers can modify cosmetic aspects of the online store. One of the more powerful sections is the bordering html area. This is where the “skin” of the shopping cart is created. When a client signs up to use the system, one of TrueCommerce Nexternal's design engineers will synchronize the look of the store with that of the site. As the web designer, you are free to make changes as you see fit. Within the core application (inside the skin) there are also many parameters that can be modified to ensure a professional looking store. Additionally, most of the markup within the store is given CSS IDs or classes for advanced manipulation.


Highly Search Engine Optimized

Is the catalog portion of the software search engine friendly?

Yes! Nexternal.NET was built from the ground up to be search engine friendly. In fact, it was recently rated as one of the top SEO Shopping Carts by Top SEOs. All of the on-page elements that you would expect are customizable, including title, meta description, and alt tags.


Offload the Liability and Security Responsibilities

I am quite good at web design, but would not consider myself an internet security expert. Does TrueCommerce Nexternal make sense for me?

Most web designers are not internet security experts. Building your own eCommerce system or even configuring an open-source eCommerce system so that it is absolutely secure is no easy undertaking. Most web designers would rather use a hosted eCommerce solution and not be associated with any liability as it relates to internet security, specifically when dealing with eCommerce sites.


Reliability, Reliability, Reliability

If my client's store has a problem, I don't want the client calling me to troubleshoot it.

This is another great advantage of TrueCommerce Nexternal. The reliability and performance of the store is managed by TrueCommerce Nexternal, not by you.


Let Your Clients Update Their Own Product Catalog

I don't want the client calling me every time they need to add a product or change something in the store. Through TrueCommerce Nexternal’s web-based order management system, merchants can make changes themselves. Product and customer data can also be imported through an Excel worksheet. If your client has a question or problem, they have a dedicated TrueCommerce Nexternal Account Manager that they can call at no additional charge. 


Exceptional Marketing Tools

I am putting a ton of work into my client's site and want them to be successful. What other marketing tools are available in TrueCommerce Nexternal?

TrueCommerce Nexternal has a robust suite of marketing tools from comparison marketplace feeds (Google Product Search and Shopzilla) to an email wizard. Many times web designers have retainer relationships with their clients to develop HTML email marketing campaigns.


Affiliate Program

Does TrueCommerce Nexternal offer an affiliate program that makes sense for web designers?

Yes. TrueCommerce Nexternal will pay you $150 for every client that you refer to Nexternal that signs up. Click here for more information.


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