Make Drop-Shipping More Efficient For Both The Merchant and the Shipper

With drop-shipping, when the end customer places an online order with a merchant, the goods are actually shipped from another company, often a manufacturer or wholesaler. Nexternal comes with a drop-shipping module to automate the shipping notification process for both the retailer and the drop-ship vendor—creating significant efficiencies for both parties.

Through your Nexternal order management system (OMS), you can define a vendor as being a drop-ship vendor. When you activate Nexternal’s drop-shipping functionality, the drop-ship vendor automatically receives an email notifying them of the products that need to be shipped, along with the relevant Ship-To address.

Automate Vendor Communications

With Nexternal’s drop-shipping feature, you won’t need to manually notify drop-ship vendors of orders to be processed. Our automated updates offer a win-win scenario for merchants and vendors.

  • Merchants can automatically inform vendors of new orders for processing
  • Merchants can calculate shipping costs accurately based on vendor location
  • Vendors can use our vendor-specific Order Retrieval and Update System to mark line items as shipped and supply tracking numbers
  • Vendors can also update order statuses and print branded packing slips
Drop Ship

Customized for Success

Nexternal offers a wide range of configuration options to help you run your drop-shipping program your way.

  • Choose email triggers for vendors, such as order status changes
  • Customize the text in triggered emails
  • See whether a vendor has viewed a drop-ship email with email tracking codes
  • Track email records with an automatic logging system featuring time and date stamps

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