Features and Flexibility to Power Health and Wellness Web Storefronts 

Why do so many health and wellness brands rely on our system to power their eCommerce channel? The features and benefits!

Here are some of the reasons why TrueCommerce Nexternal works so well for selling nutritional supplements, healthy living products and other health and wellness products online.

A Tip-Top Shopping Experience 

  • Support for subscriptions and auto-recurring orders.
  • Support for single click reordering. 
  • Automatically suggest and upsell related products.
  • Mobile-friendly store makes it convenient for busy shoppers to place orders anytime/anywhere
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Tune Up Your Order Processing Workflow

  • Track lot numbers at the level of order line items. 
  • Capture up to twenty custom data elements at the customer level, from a buyer’s name to a special code. 
  • Capture online, phone, surface mail and point-of-sale orders in a single database. 
  • Create USPS, FedEx and UPS labels in bulk
  • Leverage powerful CRM tools to track all your customers’ interactions with your business. 
  • Integrates with Amazon Seller Central to save you time and effort selling on Amazon.
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Features Health and Wellness Businesses Love 

  • Notify Me Upon Availability: Do you take preorders on backordered items? With TrueCommerce Nexternal, you can email buyers automatically when an item is in stock once again.
  • Powerful Product Sorting: Buyers can sort products using search options like price, popularity and reviews. 
  • Capture B2B, B2C and Phone Orders in One Place: Enter orders from consumers, wholesale customers or call-in buyers directly into TrueCommerce Nexternal.
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Flexible Product Presentation Options

  • Image Gallery: Show multiple product views or display a color swatch that updates the primary product image dynamically. 
  • Product Image Zoom: Let buyers enlarge images to see more product details. Looks terrific on iPads as well! 
  • Product Reviews: Product reviews are key to winning the buy box. With TrueCommerce Nexternal you can optionally display product reviews and schedule automated review reminders.
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More Marketing Tools to Grow On 

  • Automate Email Marketing: TrueCommerce Nexternal makes it easy to email all your customers or a targeted subset of them from within Nexternal or through MailChimp or an other integrated email marketing service. 
  • SEO Tools: We designed TrueCommerce Nexternal from the beginning to help with search engine optimization (SEO). Our built-in features can help maximize organic traffic and save on fees. 
  • Marketplace Feeds: Send product content to leading marketplaces like Shopzilla and Google Shopping. 
  • Connect Once, Sell Forever: Streamline supply chain workflows and meet the requirements of major health and wellness retailers like Whole Foods, CVS and GNC with integrated TrueCommerce EDI.

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