Nonprofits Can Profit from TrueCommerce Nexternal's Affordability and Ease of Use

Nonprofits appreciate TrueCommerce Nexternal because it simplifies everyday tasks associated with online selling—whether it’s adding a new product to your storefront, updating product images or offering special pricing. Plus Nexternal makes it easier to stay in touch with your donor base and customers to help drive increased online sales and revenues.

TrueCommerce Nexternal also offers best-in-class support from setup through ongoing maintenance, to help you keep orders flowing and get mo re and more value from your eCommerce platform.

Top Features for Nonprofits 

  • Easily capture both one-time and recurring donation.  
  • Special nonprofit pricing. 
  • Easily take orders for events, with support for will-call ticket pickup. 
  • Price products differently for different customer types. 
  • Control product visibility by customer type. 
  • No limit on the number of customer types. 
  • Take B2B, B2C and phone orders in the same, easy-to-use system. 
  • Get an automated warning when inventory for a product falls to a predefined threshold
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Socialize with Donors and Customers

  • Social Networking Buttons: Optionally put buttons for all the top social networks on your product pages so customers and donors can easily Share, Pin or Tweet about what you’re offering. 
  • Social Coupons: Make it easy for site visitors to share your coupons with friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Sharing After Ordering: Invite shoppers to post about purchases on Facebook or Twitter. Includes a logo and back-link to your online store on the shopper’s profile page.

Tell the World about Your Mission 

  • Direct Link to Marketplaces: Send product data direct major marketplaces like Shopzilla and Google Shopping. 
  • SEO Power: Use our great search engine optimization (SEO) support to drive more unpaid traffic to your site and save on direct traffic costs. 
  • Email Marketing Support: Email a special subgroup of customers or donors, or connect with all of them at once. Work in TrueCommerce Nexternal or in MailChimp or a different integrated email marketing tool.

“Thanks to the ease of use, our percentage of Web sales now far surpasses all our other order placement options. Our online sales have more than doubled since switching to TrueCommerce Nexternal. In our more than six years as a customer, our team has never regretted our decision to partner with Nexternal for even a moment.”

Brian Herteen
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin


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