What our Clients Say About TrueCommerce Nexternal

Our goal is to provide the best shopping cart software and expert customer support in the eCommerce industry. Many of our clients have given us permission to publish their feedback and testimonials on our website, and we're thrilled with what they have to say about the Nexternal eCommerce Platform and our team.

Lewis Cellars

“The Order Management System is the only system to ever thoroughly meet our needs. From the hip, I can say that monthly sales are up 30-40% over prior months since switching to Nexternal's eCommerce Platform.

The system is intuitive, simple and effective. We're very happy with it. The Tell-A-Friend application is excellent! We don't get much feedback about the storefront from customers, but when we do, it's always very positive. My interpretation is that people are very satisfied with the process - otherwise we'd be getting negative feedback; e.g. "no news is good news."

Order confirmation and shipping confirmation e-mails are professional looking and contribute to customers' comfort level and satisfaction with the purchase and the overall shopping experience. Again, this is a well thought-out, simple, and user-friendly shopping environment. Nexternal is providing a virtual storefront that complements and enhances our brand and identity as an ultra-premium winery.

Our Account Executive is the most capable and responsive account rep - from every vendor and industry - that I have ever worked with, period. He's quick to diagnose, research and/or resolve every issue I throw at him and his timely, professional response is greatly valued. He continues to be a great resource for improvements and new ideas in addition to solving problems or identifying potential solutions to them. He has contributed significantly to our success. And, notwithstanding the above comments, which are sincere, he's just a darn nice guy to work with; with equal parts of technical and interpersonal skill.”

Dennis Bell
Lewis Cellars
Napa Valley, CA

Lost Abbey

“We have been using the eCommerce components of HighJump's Brewers' Edge since 2007 for merchandise and event sales including the release of our highly sought after rare and barrel aged beers. Their domain expertise, passion for our industry, and integrity are rivaled only by their first-rate support We continue to explore new and exciting opportunities to use their platform assisting us in creating great customer experiences.”

Tomme Arthur
The Lost Abbey
San Marcos, CA


“The Order Management System is a nice change from our old system and seems to work well. Order processing is seamless and works great! The other features such as out of stock emails, customer reviews and like/share discounts are really fantastic features. I cannot imagine better support than what I have received from my Account Manager.”

Thomas Meckfessel
Clavey Paddlesports
Petaluma, CA

Safety Depot

“Safety Depot has been associated with Nexternal for over 4 1/2 years and we can honestly say there has been 0% down time. The transition from another company to Nexternal was pain free, simple and we were pleasantly surprised at the great options they offered. We immediately used the standard built in SEO option resulting in an uptick in sales. We were fortunate to be assigned a dedicated rep to our account and even though he resides in another time zone there was and has never been a problem with quick support. We were used to being on "hold" for 45 minutes and then receiving a "case number" and maybe a day or two later getting the problem solved. Nexternal's support has the set the bar really high for others to try and achieve.

He was available when we needed him or his backup at the Nexternal main office. Most times the problem was solved with one phone call. Safety Depot offers many products and variations within products that have been handled very well by Nexternal and their discount variations work great with our mailers. Nexternal's Social Network options work smoothly which is great. We ship our safety vests to many APO's and the shipping feature works seamlessly ”

Richard Condon
Safety Depot
Laguna Hills, CA