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Capture Phone Orders in eCommerce Order Management System

Phone and offline orders can be captured using the eCommerce platform and processed in the Order Management System.

The TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce Platform lets you go beyond just capturing online orders. You can use the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) to capture phone orders as well.

It’s easy to create an internal order while you are on the phone with a customer. You will be directed to an internal-only version of your online store.
Just navigate the online catalog or do a quick search to find the products the customer wants to purchase. Internal memos can be associated with catalog items, which can cue the person taking the order to remind the customer about special deals or promotions—helping them upsell or cross-sell additional merchandise.

When the order is complete, just click “Checkout” and you’ll be prompted to enter the correct information for a new or returning customer. Once the order is submitted, the customer receives an email notification that includes the contents of the order and lets them know that they will receive additional information when their order ships, for example.


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Take Phone Orders Through Nexternal

Nexternal's Order Management System goes beyond just capturing online orders. Our clients love it so much that most use it to capture phone orders as well. This video demonstrates how a user would place an internal order.


It’s also easy for the store administrator to assign different roles and access levels to different users, and to generate a user report at anytime.Nexternal makes it so easy and efficient to create internal orders that you might want to use it for fax, surface mail and email orders as well.

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