Fishbowl Quickbooks Integrated EDI Solutions

Fishbowl - QuickBooks and TrueCommerce EDI Solutions

Simple and affordable automation of business workflow processes. Fishbowl integrated with QuickBooks and TrueCommerce EDI solutions creates a powerful productivity system for EDI.

TrueCommerce, a QuickBooks Gold Developer, makes EDI painless by making it simple and affordable for Fishbowl system users.

Fishbowl, when partnered with TrueCommerce and integrated with QuickBooks, creates a powerful productivity system. The three solutions working in harmony allow for simple and affordable automation of business workflow processes.

Our Trading Partner Platform delivers robust functionality and unparalleled scalability, yet is simple to deploy and maintain. All the network services and support required to successfully implement a fully integrated EDI system are included in our solution, so all you need to become EDI compliant is a Windows based PC and broadband Internet connection. We’ll provide the rest.

Our Trading Partner Platform includes integration between Fishbowl and Transaction Manager, that when combined with ongoing support and professional services, provides a complete, end-to-end EDI solution from one trusted source.

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