QuickBooks EDI Integrations

Intuit QuickBooks EDI Integrations

Our Intuit QuickBooks EDI Integrations enable you to seamlessly communicate transaction details in and out of QuickBooks, reducing delays and errors.

Intuit Accounting Software EDI Plug-Ins™

EDI in the Cloud Integration for Intuit’s Complete Line of QuickBooks Accounting Software

TrueCommerce has been providing integrated EDI services to QuickBooks users for more than 15 years. We offer the only EDI solution selected by Intuit as “Preferred” for use with QuickBooks Enterprise.

EDI integration with your QuickBooks accounting system enables you to seamlessly format your transactions to comply with your trading partners’ requirements. Transactions that you receive via EDI are also quickly and easily converted into human readable format and brought into your QuickBooks system using Transaction Manager™, a web-based EDI translator on our Trading Partner Platform.

Customer Success Integrating EDI with QuickBooks

Skyrocketing orders and explosive growth overwhelmed Claudia’s Canine Cuisine, an Arkansas company that makes gourmet dog cookies. The company had a slow, manual, and laborious process for handling incoming purchase orders. Data from each order had to be entered into QuickBooks and calculating shipping information from spreadsheets created frequent errors. Claudia’s evaluated seven potential EDI solutions, which brought TrueCommerce to the top of their list. With TrueCommerce, all of their requirements were met at a considerably lower cost-per-month than their previous EDI solution.

“Now we can easily process 200-300 orders an hour versus maybe five previously, thanks to the TrueCommerce integration with QuickBooks,” said Pat Magee, Claudia’s Logistics Manager. “What was previously a multi-step, manual process is now accomplished with literally one click.”

TrueCommerce Benefits

  • Streamline transaction processing, reduce delays, and costly charge-backs
  • Minimize time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry
  • Increase productivity without increasing staff
  • Lower your total cost of ownership and grow your business with larger customers

QuickBooks Enterprise Special Free Offer

TrueCommerce and Intuit have a special offer for users of the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Free web-based EDI translator
  • Free trading partner map for one customer
  • Purchase order and invoice document integration
  • Compatibility with future releases
  • No maintenance or support fees

Learn More

Contact a TrueCommerce EDI specialist about this offer at 1-888-430-4489 or click on the EDI link inside QuickBooks Enterprise for a free offer form. To request a quote from TrueCommerce, fill out this form and a TrueCommerce EDI specialist will contact you.

TrueCommerce, the most accredited EDI provider in North America, has provided dynamic EDI solutions to thousands of customers since 1995. Positive reviews from customers demonstrate our commitment to their success.


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Making EDI Painless for KT Tape's integration with QuickBooks.

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Making EDI Painless for Users of QuickBooks™



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