Pick Up the Pace with Advanced Automation Rules

In today’s market, speed and convenience are rules consumers live by. Businesses need to fulfill quickly and accurately in order to meet customer needs. And yet, many manufacturers and suppliers still rely on time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone manual data entry processes for order fulfillment.

Shipping software with advanced automation rules lets you stop wasting valuable time keying in the same information over and over, and start creating more efficient and profitable processes. From auto filling fields to creating customized, conditional workflows, you’ll be able to accelerate your internal operations while giving your team more time to focus on new strategies and innovations.

Pack & Ship, Set It and Forget It

Set It and Forget It

Input partner data once and use automation rules to fill essential fields across your fulfillment workflows.

  • Set up 3rd party billing addresses for field autofill
  • Automatically print the right packing list for each line of business
  • Automate partner-specific requirements based on routing guides such as reference fields and account numbers
Pack & Ship Tags

Manage Orders with Ease

Automation does the heavy lifting, so you can move large order volumes through your fulfillment processes quickly.

  • Auto-tag orders for easy management, batch and simple shipping, shipment consolidation and more
  • Designate specific carriers based on customer preferences
  • Route orders to specific warehouses or shippers based on tags
  • Automatically insure high-value purchases
Pack & Ship

Be on Full Alert

No fulfillment process is perfect, but with automated alerts, you will catch and resolve issues before orders leave the warehouse.

  • Audio alerts notify packers of packing mistakes to prevent incorrect shipments
  • Weight audit alerts flag over- or under-packed boxes for a second check

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