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In today’s high-demand market, continuous improvement isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s necessary to keep from falling behind the competition. Data can help you create benchmarks, assess performance and develop new strategies and tactics to gain and keep a competitive advantage. But many companies either don’t have the data they need, or the technology to visualize and understand it.

TrueCommerce’s Pack & Ship solution not only maximizes your fulfilment capabilities, but also tracks and measures performance in key areas of your business. Our easy-to-use dashboards provide valuable insights on everything from how long it takes for your team to pack an order, to how much you spent with a specific carrier last month, and more. Choose from our suite of popular key performance indicators, configure your dashboard views, or even create custom KPIs that fit your unique business needs. At TrueCommerce, we give you the data you need to make better decisions, drive growth, and do business in every direction.

TrueCommerce Pack & Ship

Learn More About Your Orders and Shipments

Shipment data provides valuable insights into your incoming orders and outgoing shipments.

  • See which locations and regions are placing the most orders, and receiving the most shipments
  • Learn which channels are producing the most sales and highest average order value
  • Find out which carriers you’re using the most
  • Track your total shipments completed, and see how many are still in progress 
Reduce administration costs

Review What You’re Spending

Shipments dashboards make it easy to view shipping spend by channel, carrier, location, and date.

  • Use historical data to analyze freight spend and negotiate for better rates
  • Look at your spend per shipment and per pound 
  • Find out which carriers you’re spending the most with
  • Compare carrier costs to find the best opportunities
Monitor supplier performance with dashboards and analytics

Track Team Performance

TrueCommerce’s advanced analytics let you see performance data from the warehouse down to the employee level.

  • Activity status tracking lets you see the time each shipment takes to reach key milestones
  • User and date stamps create a map of your shipping process
  • Today’s Shipments gives you real-time visibility into order statuses in your warehouse
  • Shipment duration statistics give a true time-to-complete view
Pack & Ship Control Tower

Break It Down

Top-level dashboards are enhanced by drilldown screens, while filters make it easy to isolate the information you need.

  • Dashboard widgets visualize data over time to show performance trends
  • Filters let you see metrics by demand channel, carrier, warehouse location, shipping location, date, and more
  • Drilldown screens offer granular views of orders and shipments
  • Visualizations make data easy to digest and present to stakeholders

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