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Increasing shipping costs pose a significant obstacle to growing businesses, especially those fulfilling orders across multiple channels. But by optimizing your product packing, you can reduce costs on everything from freight spend to packing materials.
TrueCommerce Pack & Ship’s advanced packing solution helps you put the right products in the right boxes every time for more cost-effective fulfillment. At the same time, validation and tracking features increase shipment accuracy, so you can meet retailer and customer expectations with ease.

Pack & Ship’s integrated design connects all your orders to your warehouse and back to your ERP, so you have consistent, up-to-date information across your supply chain.

Build Optimized Cartons with TrueCommerce Pack & Ship

Build Optimized Cartons

Ship more while lowering costs with carton visualization that helps you pick the right box, every time.

  • Spend less on packing materials by finding the right size box for each product or order
  • Cut freight costs by eliminating unused carton space
  • Reduce packaging waste in your supply chain for a lower carbon footprint
Pack & Ship

Check All the Boxes

Pack verification technology makes it easy to increase shipment accuracy.

  • Quantity validation ensures that the correct number of products packed
  • In-app product images help ensure you are packing the correct items
  • Barcode scanning lets you accurately select the right items for packing
  • Configurable audio alerts warn you when there's a discrepancy
  • Weight audits let you know if you’ve packed too much or too little
Pack & Ship Order Details

Stay on Track

Keep an eye on the products in each carton, from packing through delivery. Package content tracking lets you:

  • Capture package level detail at both the carton and pallet level
  • Automatically create ASN and packing slips with package content details
  • Recall historical package details in case of discrepancies in delivery

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