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In a digital-first world, your business’s eCommerce success relies on giving customers a nearly “real world” experience, so they have the information they need to pick the perfect product. Digital content like videos, images, 360-degree images, and more play a crucial role, by letting customers see your products before they buy. In fact, rich media content can drastically increase your sales, while simultaneously reducing returns of products that didn’t meet expectations.  

However, managing rich media manually across multiple platforms, product lines and individual SKUs can quickly become a burden as your business expands. That’s why TrueCommerce Product Manager features integrated digital asset management tools that centralize all your rich media in a single, cloud-based library.  

Intelligent automation enables you to map SKU-specific assets to products with multiple colors and sizes. Collaboration lets you work with product teams, marketing teams, designers, and consultants to optimize digital assets. Then, powerful integration empowers you to push content out to all your digital channels, from your eCommerce platform, to Google Shopping, to Facebook Marketplace, to numerous drop ship programs.

PIM Customer Experience

Centralize Your Content

Stop wasting time chasing down the right, most up-to-date content. TrueCommerce Product Manager’s digital asset management features let users upload rich media directly, and update product imagery and videos quickly.  

  • Create a dynamic, single source of truth for all your product imagery, videos, and other media files 
  • Enable key stakeholders to view, upload, and change rich media content for increased visibility and accuracy  
  • Save time and increase team productivity and collaboration with workflows and automated alerts  
  • Let suppliers log into Product Manager to upload digital assets, or import product content from CSVs, spreadsheets, and other file formats  
PIM Product Tile

Manage Rich Media with Ease

Digital Asset Management can be a burden—or it can be a competitive advantage. TrueCommerce Product Manager makes it easy to add photos, videos, and other branded assets to your product listings, and keep them up to date.  

  • Multiple media types supported, including images, videos, 360-degree images, GIFs, and PDFs  
  • User management enables easy collaboration with designers, suppliers, and consultants, while protecting your brand data 
  • Store branding materials like logos and brand overviews for reuse  
  • Map SKU-specific imagery for product lines with multiple sizes, colors, etc.  
Move into global markets

Increase Digital Commerce Sales

Digital assets don’t just make your products look better online—they can significantly impact your eCommerce sales and returns. Our product information management solution provides powerful brand management controls for all your online channels.  

  • Bring customers closer to your products with rich media experiences for increased sales  
  • Enhance your online exposure with SEO optimized image titles  
  • Reducing returns by giving customers a better understanding of your products  
  • Ensure your products are accessible for everyone by creating ADA-compliant alternative texts  
PIM Channel Management

Map Content to Multiple Channels

You can’t do business in every direction if getting product info to customers takes longer than it takes your product to go out of style. With content mapping and automated syndication, TrueCommerce Product Manager helps increase your speed to market, so you can start selling, fast.  

  • Create a better buying experience across channels with enhanced brand consistency 
  • Specify different images, videos, and assets for different channels, based on channel requirements, product types, and other configurable rules
  • Ensure up-to-date assets are in use with automatic publication and syndication each time a product is changed
  • Save channel-ready content for upload to your non-integrated channels

Do More with PIM

Digital asset storage is just one way that TrueCommerce Product Manager makes it easy to provide your customers with a better online shopping experience.  

  • Create unique product workflows to streamline content creation, enrichment, review and approval, and publication
  • Translate product information into more than 60 languages to serve a global audience  
  • Validate content automatically before publication to ensure completeness and accuracy  
  • Configure limitless automation rules to create optimized content for all your channels 

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Product Information Management Applications for Commerce 2021 Vendor Assessment

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Product Information Management Applications for Commerce 2021 Vendor Assessment

IDC has positioned TrueCommerce in the Contenders category in this MarketScape report. Strengths include:

  • Modern architecture: Foundry Product Manager was built in the cloud and has a modern API first, microservices-based architecture.
  • ERP integrations: TrueCommerce Product Manager comes pre-integrated to 35 ERPs and business systems as a source of product data.
  • TrueCommerce platform: TrueCommerce Product Manager is built on top of TrueCommerce's Foundry commerce platform. The intention of these unified applications is to enable customers to manage products and orders across a wide range of digital channels.

IDC MarketScape recommends companies to consider TrueCommerce if they are a midsize North American or European brand or retailer looking to broaden your channels of distribution with a SaaS offering.


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