TrueCommerce makes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compliance painless for vendors that supply Kroger. We provide all the EDI network services and support needed to successfully implement EDI with Kroger. You could save up to 50% on your total cost of ownership and start receiving purchase orders electronically within a few days. Below is a list of the Kroger EDI transactions needed for vendor compliance. All transaction codes shown are a part of the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standards. However, TrueCommerce supports the UN/EDIFACT standard as well as the XML syntax.

  • 810 Invoice
  • 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment
  • 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • 824 Application Advice
  • 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability
  • 832 Price/Sales Catalog
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 852 Product Activity Data
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order
  • 879 Price Information
  • 880 Grocery Products Invoice
  • 889 Promotion Announcement
  • 894 Delivery/Return Base Record
  • 895 Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or Adjustment
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgment

If an EDI transaction you need is not listed here, please ask your TrueCommerce EDI representative.

EDI Provider for Kroger Suppliers

We provide the web-based EDI translator, network services and support needed to successfully implement a fully integrated EDI solution

  • The TrueCommerce Transaction Manager(tm) Web-based (SaaS) translation software integrates with the most popular accounting packages (Intuit, Sage, Microsoft, SAP, NetSuite and others)
  • TrueCommerce is the only EDI solution selected as "Preferred" by Intuit, the publisher of QuickBooks, is the only EDI solution endorsed and exclusively distributed by Sage, and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner as well as certified for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Provides access to a real-time, reliable trading network
  • Has no annual maintenance or upgrade fees
  • Includes free trading partner map updates

The Key Components of Our Trading Partner Platform Include:

  • Web-based EDI translator, Transaction Manager(tm)
  • Expansive, Secure Trading Partner Network
  • Business system, or ERP, integration with leading publishers
  • Support, maintenance and upgrades included

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