EDI for Suppliers | Web Based Single Vendor EDI Solution

EDI for Suppliers: A Single-Vendor Solution

Reduce manual data entry, streamline order processing, and increase productivity with an integrated, web-based, end-to-end EDI solution.

We provide a Trading Partner Platform that offers a true, single-vendor solution with everything you need to implement EDI including:

  • A managed service offering that delivers an end-to-end solution, eliminating the need for IT resources, hardware, or software.
  • The TrueCommerce Transaction Manager™, a web-based EDI translator that converts raw data into a business document, like a purchase order or an invoice, and back.
  • One network for exchanging EDI documents with your trading partners that supports many protocols including ASC X12, UN/EDIFACT and XML syntax with many different secure connection options (FTP, HTTP, AS1, AS2).
  • More than 92,000 Trading Partner Maps that are automatically updated for you at no charge. Look up your trading partner from our list of trading partner maps.
  • EDI integration that allows the translator and your ERP or accounting system to work together to process and manage your transactions.
  • Access to a U.S.-based team of knowledgeable customer support specialists.

Benefits of Using TrueCommerce

We have made EDI easier for thousands of companies since 1995. Reviews from customers demonstrate our commitment to their success. Our EDI solution:

  • Reduces or eliminates manual data-entry errors, saving charge-back penalties
  • Streamlines inventory management, speeding time-to-market delivery
  • Increases productivity without increasing staff, saving labor costs
  • Reduces your EDI total-cost-of-ownership by up to 50%
  • Eliminates headaches associated with integrating new trading partners and updating Trading Partner Maps


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Benefits of TrueCommerce EDI

A complete, managed services, trading platform that supports EDI for suppliers all from one source.


TrueCommerce EDI Solution Features

  • Cloud-based deployment automates updates and backups, eliminates new capital expenses and lets you access EDI anytime/anywhere over a broadband Internet connection.
  • Turnaround feature lets you quickly process inbound trading partner documents by letting you send an outbound corresponding document at the click of a button.
  • Trading partner options notify you when customers have made updates to item numbers or shipping addresses, and perform necessary updates automatically. Alerts notify users of new and acknowledged transactions automatically via email.
  • Advance-ship notice (ASN) support lets you create multiple shipments at once, package shipments automatically based on predefined rules and even update existing sales orders.
  • Built-in process controls in Transaction Manager ensure that required customer data is entered correctly and notifies you of invalid fields before sending your transactions. It also automatically confirms that invalid fields are correct and accurate, eliminating chargebacks and decreasing turnaround.

Integrated EDI

Our Platform integrates with all of the most popular ERP/accounting systems from Sage, Intuit, Microsoft, NetSuite and many others so that you can increase process efficiency and stop re-keying data.

Web-based EDI Solution

Our web-based EDI solution offers the scalability and adaptability that successful businesses need to meet the EDI requirements of any trading partner and cost-effectively handle a growing EDI transaction volume.