Exchange Documents Electronically with All Your Suppliers, Whether They Use EDI or Not

Suppliers come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them are eager to transact business with you digitally using EDI. So how can you communicate efficiently with non-EDI suppliers using a consistent, repeatable process—especially when you have dozens or hundreds of them?  

TrueCommerce makes managing supplier relationships simple and cost-efficient with our OneTime managed service solution. TrueCommerce OneTime integrates your business with all your suppliers by offering them a range of connection options, all of which convert to integrated EDI on your end. OneTime also includes everything that’s needed to onboard and support your suppliers, ensuring the highest levels of adoption. 

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More Connected

OneTime gives suppliers their choice of electronic communication methods: 

  • Integration supports a huge range of formats, including XML, CSV, EDI and many application-specific formats 
  • Web EDI through the OneTime supplier web portal—empowers suppliers to download and acknowledge orders, create ASNs with optional pallet and/or carton labels, submit invoices with optional validation, and more 
  • Convert PDF to EDI with a selection of sending methods, for suppliers that don’t choose to use integrated EDI but whose business volume is too great for web EDI

More Powerful

A proven approach ensures successful integration with each supplier: 

  • Connect OneTime to your key business systems 
  • Configure OneTime for your unique business needs 
  • Communicate goals and understand each supplier’s requirements and capabilities 
  • Integrate with each supplier using the best connection method

More Supported

  • The TrueCommerce OneTime managed services model focuses on preventing issues before they disrupt business—not “break-fix” after you report issues
  • OneTime proactively monitors and manages the exchange of messages between you and your suppliers
  • Our Managed Service Desk continuously supports both you and your suppliers

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