Nexternal eCommerce Platform

Nexternal eCommerce

The Nexternal eCommerce platform handles B2B, B2C,
Amazon Seller, Phone, and Point of Sale Orders. It provides
powerful analytics and integrates into your accounting or
ERP system.

TrueCommerce Nexternal

For innovative online shopping, just look Nexternal

Nexternal is a next-generation eCommerce platform used for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) selling.

TrueCommerce Nexternal is a market proven storefront solution built within the TrueCommerce Foundry platform offering organizations an unprecedented combination of commerce enablement capabilities, ease of use and affordability.

  • Allow your customers to place orders anytime, from anywhere, using any device
  • Manage orders across all channels and fulfillment methods with the built-in Nexternal order management system
  • Equip your business to offer subscription based offerings, club based models as well as loyalty programs
  • Gain order lifecycle visibility across all sales channels
  • Create an endless aisle with built-in dropship capabilities
  • Global inventory visibility across all locations including in-store locations is used to determine the optimal location to fulfill an order from
  • Fulfill with excellence using built-in packing and shipping capabilities
  • Offer your customers a B2B portal and also arm your sales reps with our mobile point of sale solution
  • Tightly integrated with leading ERP and accounting systems

Powerful B2B Commerce with a Familiar Feel

So much attention is placed on perfecting the experience and usability with business to consumer web sites. Why not offer the same type of experience to your business customers as well? With Nexternal you can.

Unified Solution for multiple B2B channels including EDI and B2B Online Sales

Whether you are selling to big box retailers, small retailers, or distributors TrueCommerce offers a complete solution to manage and collect orders from all viable channels.

Customer Experiences Defined by Customer Type

Nexternal allows you to setup unlimited customer types. You are able to price products, set shipping rates, determine category and product visibility, allocate products, and control payment options all by customer type. Not all customers are the same and your online catalog and buying experience adapts to the user after logging into the password protected B2B portal.

Capture Orders in the Field

With Nexternal, not only are your customers able to place orders on their mobile devices, but your outside sales reps can use our mobile point of sales app, TrueCommerce Engage, to take orders as well. If your customers are ordering on the go, our mobile-friendly B2B portal uses the same sophisticated rule set to show them their specific options as well.

Additional B2B Features You Cannot Live Without

  • Generate and activate quotes
  • Accept orders with multiple ship To addresses
  • Express ordering
  • Single click reordering
  • Consolidated order history complete with package tracking
  • Offer your customers preferred delivery dates

Beautifully Branded B2C Stores offering rich Marketing Capabilities that get your Products Discovered and Optimizes Sales Results

Success in digital commerce requires that you establish a great brand experience supported by a variety of methods including SEO, social, blogs and many other supporting digital marketing strategies. With Nexternal, we do not force you into using a limited predesigned store template. Our web design engineers work with your existing website to ensure a consistent brand experience is integrated directly into your online store. Whether your customers are shopping on a mobile device or a PC, your customers will have a consistent experience regardless of channel.

Online Marketing Tools Built-in

The old adage, “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t ring true with regards to online stores. That is why we built our catalog from the ground up with marketing at the forefront. There is not a one size fits all approach to digital marketing strategy which is why we provide a plethora of tools that your business can take advantage of to get your brand in front of customers in a myriad of ways.

Search Engine Friendly Catalog

By default our catalog creates clean, keyword rich URLs. The Nexternal catalog also makes use of rich snippets which make your pages pop on the search engine results page. Customers can see ratings and pricing all before clicking through! Web marketers love our software because they have complete control over title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and image alt tags.

Leverage Social Media

A Nexternal catalog has several tools that help drive traffic to your store from social media sites. For example your online store integrates with social media providers like Facebook to incentivize a customer to share your products on their feed, offering free word of mouth marketing and social proofing for your brand but also an instant discount to reward your customer’s loyalty. Customers can also share coupon codes on their Facebook and Twitter feeds to gain more value and exposure from creative marketing programs. Nexternal also offers sharing features such as the Pinterest Save and Google Plus buttons.

Email Marketing

Nexternal offers a powerful email wizard built in to the Order Management System and also integrates out of the box with MailChimp eCommerce 360. Nexternal provides virtually limitless possibilities in how you structure creative email campaigns. Structure campaigns based on purchase history, geographic location, customer type, or virtually any other criteria you can think of all from within the Nexternal OMS. For advanced email marketing, consider using MailChimp eCommerce 360 for setting up email drip campaigns based upon purchase history.

Built in Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to entice existing customers to come back and order from your business rather than the competition. With Nexternal, loyalty points can be accumulated and redeemed both online and in person if you are using our mobile point of sale system, TrueCommerce Engage.

Sell Using Marketplaces

We look at marketplaces in two categories. There are some where you simply list products such as Google Product search and some where you actually transact –Amazon Seller Central for example. With Nexternal, we have both covered. You are able to push product data feeds to several marketplaces including Google,, Shopzilla and more. You are also able to sell via Amazon Seller Central and have those orders flow automatically into your Order Management System.

Expand your Assortment with an Endless Aisle

Nexternal offers built-in drop shipping capabilities empowering your organization to list and sell products that you do not stock. As orders originate in your online store for dropship items, Nexternal can automatically send an email to a drop ship vendor asking them to ship an item on your behalf. For larger manufacturers and brands, Nexternal can also generate an EDI transaction that fully automates the order and fulfillment process. Furthermore, your drop ship vendors can log in to a vendor portal to update order statuses, keeping all participants synchronized throughout the order’s lifecycle.

Support for Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS)

If your business has a brick and mortar store in addition to an online store, Nexternal can help integrate your online and offline channels. Nexternal supports Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS). Customers are alerted via email when their orders are ready for pickup. When they arrive at the store to pick up the items, they can sign on glass using our TrueCommerce Engage mobile application, which updates the fulfillment status within the Nexternal Order Management System.

Subscriptions/Recurring Orders

What better way to offer your customers a convenient service, while generating recurring revenue for your business? Nexternal provides you with flexibility to commercialize and fulfill subscription based packaging creating both a source of differentiation and incremental revenue. Customers can “self-activate” and manage their subscriptions. Your team is equipped with a complete back-end subscription management system to plan and manage your recurring order stream. Customers can save time without having to place new orders, and count on you to keep their goods coming!

Show Prices in the Customer’s Currency of Choice

Nexternal is integrated with the Open Exchange Rates to automatically determine each visitor's native currency (based on IP Address) when they enter your store. Customers are also able to select the currency of their choice. This feature is a powerful conversion tool for merchants who already ship internationally, as it simplifies the shopping and checkout process for applicable customers. In some cases, it's even a deciding factor for retailers who have never shipped overseas before to expand.

Robust Order Management

At the heart of Nexternal is a powerful Order Management System (OMS). With the Nexternal OMS you can consistently process orders fast, delivering on your customer promise.

Powerful capabilities included within the Nexternal OMS:

  • Plan and manage orders across different accounts, order profiles, programs and fulfillment methods
  • Process credit cards
  • Print shipping labels (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Golden State Overnight)
  • Capture phone, fax, & mail orders
  • Generate invoices
  • Accept or revise quotes
  • Record sales activities
  • Generate sales reports

Inventory Control

Nexternal includes powerful inventory management tools that empower your organization to make optimal inventory planning, promotional and fulfillment decisions. Inventory is automatically decremented as orders flow into the system and is incremented if orders are returned or cancelled. The Nexternal inventory system allows you to:

  • Track inventory for each product by location
  • Establish kits and bundled items
  • Trigger low inventory email notifications
  • Generate in stock notifications


TrueCommerce understands that data security and reliability of your storefront is critical to digital commerce success. TrueCommerce is a Level 1 PCI Service provider. Nexternal has been audited and stays current with all of the latest PCI regulations. You are able to use a secure (https) version of your branded domain with every branded Nexternal generated page. This not only has great implications from a conversation standpoint, but is also great from a search engine optimization perspective as well.

Painless Integration

A major benefit of Nexternal is immediate integration with your key business systems

Turnkey ERP & Accounting System Integrations

Because Nexternal is a TrueCommerce Foundry application, it is pre-integrated with 25+ accounting and ERP systems offering immediate integration of orders, fulfillment status and inventory. Nexternal is integrated with leading systems including QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft, NetSuite, SAP and more. The turnkey ERP connectors reduce the overall implementation effort, cost and the time span required to launch a fully integrated online store.

Additional Turnkey Integrations

In addition to working with your primary business system, Nexternal also offers integrations with the following key ecosystem partners:

  • Major shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Golden State Overnight and much more)
  • Avalara
  • Payment gateways including
  • MailChimp
  • Popular point of sale systems
  • And many others

Robust API Layer

Because it would be impractical to integrate with every system that exists, Nexternal provides a robust API designed to allow data synchronization and integration with third party systems housing similar data. All Tools involve server-to-server communication whereby the initiating server sends a request XML document to the appropriate URL, then receives a reply XML document from Nexternal, then parses that document and takes appropriate action to achieve the desired integration. With our API, your business can query, update, and create data for orders, customers, products, and inventory.

Real-time Visibility

Nexternal offers powerful analytics and insights providing your organization anytime access on the pulse of your business

Nexternal offers built-in operational insights that empowers your business to understand key sales, inventory and fulfillment metrics so that you can make better decisions. The Nexternal dashboard offers limitless possibilities to report on the data that’s important to your organization. Unlock the data to help support or validate your big business decisions, discover trends, and stay on top of everything with just a few clicks. We also offer a mobile dashboard we call Dashboard Plus that can be downloaded for free from Apple's App Store.


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“Nexternal is a next-generation eCommerce platform that positions your organization to grow
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