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3 reasons why eCommerce promotions can revolutionise your business

Richard Gallacher
November 20, 2018

ECommerce has become a powerhouse across Europe, with the UK often leading the continent through eCommerce sales. Whilst the UK represents an attractive market, the key to unlocking and channelling this spend for many companies is a successful eCommerce site, capable of capturing and capitalising on user interest.

Using B2B eCommerce is no different in this respect – whilst customers can use a simple order pad functionality to quickly make orders, they can also be presented with B2C style listings and promotions based on their history.

Online promotions are a key component of successful B2C and B2B eCommerce strategies. They’re used to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service or brand and with the business landscape becoming increasingly more competitive it’s pivotal to optimise your online strategy.

1) Increasing sales

If used effectively promotions can be a strategic imperative for many businesses, intuitively guiding your customers to your most financially attractive products, or encouraging sales of a newly released item. By levying tools such as ‘mandatory purchase items’ you can ease new products into the market and build a demand for your product early in its lifecycle. In addition, B2B eCommerce customers can increase demand and encourage quick purchases by mimicking in store deals which highlight the time strained nature of some promotions, by garnering a sense of customer urgency through stressing dwindling stock levels or the time remaining on a specific deal.

2) Increased customer service

Whilst levying demand and increasing sales, online promotions can also offer an increased service to customers by assigning certain promotions and deals that are specific to their login and online profile. Using this, you can create a more personalised approach to your business, only offering your customers products that they are likely to need, and as a result making conversions even easier for your customers. Taking this a step further, you can levy individual rewards for each customer after their purchase, encouraging them to spend longer on your site and also increasing your service to them.

3) Improving internal processes

The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform seamlessly integrates with numerous back office systems. By combining your customer facing eCommerce platform with your internal systems, you can ensure an interconnected chain of internal processes. In addition to this, Punchout is a specialist B2B feature which allows you to sell to large clients whilst reducing administrative costs for both parties. By connecting your B2B offering to third party procurement systems, this allows buyers to browse and add products on your website and complete the purchase via their own internal procurement systems.