The importance of Proactive Monitoring

Monitoring refers to the act of observing and checking the progress or quality of something over a period of time. Enhanced through a proactive monitoring service, TrueCommerce actively observe business’s EDI networks and take complete ownership of their client’s EDI solutions and systematically review their business operations. EDI is prevalent across many industries in the … Continued

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What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to the standardised communication method companies use to transact electronic documents to one another. Whilst EDI has been around for decades, recently, with the emergence of Fully Managed Service providers, its effectiveness has reached new heights. Whereas order to invoice lifecycles used to take days and included various steps, such … Continued

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The perils of non-compliance

Non-compliance refers to the failure to act in accordance with a wish or demand. Although this doesn’t infer a repercussion, in business terms, failure to comply with customers EDI requirements can often result in loss of business, damaged relationships and chargebacks. In stark contrast to the saying ‘ignorance is bliss,’ companies who trade electronically without … Continued

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DIY and home improvement stores are often seen as worlds apart from traditional grocery retailers. They offer different stock, can attract a different clientele, and, usually have different experiences of the festive period. Whilst traditional retailers experience a stampede of customers, DIY and home improvement stores are generally much quieter. However, if we fast forward … Continued

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Don’t lose sight of your suppliers

In meteorology, visibility refers to the distance at which an object can be easily discerned. However, businesses dealing with vast supplier bases within competitive markets need to go beyond just distinguishing who their suppliers are and gain real time visibility into their service, standards and performance. In today’s fast paced retail environment, having control of … Continued

Coping with the seasonal storm?

The most important thing to consider when preparing for and battling a storm or tumultuous period is safety. Those who operate within seasonal industries are threatened by having to ensure that every product is produced and provided on time, to maximise profitability around peak times to ensure their safety within the off season. Whilst seasonal … Continued

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EDI integration, how will it help?

EDI is a tool used to accelerate the flow of business documents from ‘computer to computer’. ERP Integration fuels this process by automating manual processes like re-keying data into your back office system and streamlining internal business processes. Time An integrated EDI solution becomes necessary when a business is looking to quicken order processing and … Continued

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Is there a value for paper in business?

Although Electronic trading is prevalent amongst many companies there are still businesses of various sizes opting to send paper invoices. On average, it is estimated that every employee uses around 10,000 sheets of paper each year, with those in finance departments using the most, and the majority of all paper used, wasted. But why? Traditionally … Continued

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