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B2B Ecommerce Personalisation: 12 Essentials for Manufacturers & Distributors

Richard Gallacher
January 5, 2016

Do you want to enhance your customers’ experience by streamlining your processes to make their job easier? Then give your customers what they want, when they want it, with the help of the TrueCommerce Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform.

The TrueCommerce Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform can help strengthen business relationships and increase conversions, average order size and repeat business while aiding loyal customers with their own personal goals.

“By 2018, 70% of B2B e-commerce sites will offer personalised features for customers, and such sites will outsell by 30% competing sites without the same level of personalisation”


Our eCommerce personalisation can be configured to your specific requirements. Whether that’s to meet the expectations of tech-hungry millennials who want and expect to do more, or to appease experienced professionals who want simplified functionality and improved time to market. The Netalogue™ Ecommerce Platform should be your custom ecommerce development solution of choice, ‘because B2B ecommerce is different…’

Why Choose eCommerce personalisation?

Below are some personalisation features available in the TrueCommerce Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform:

  1. Personalised catalogue content containing custom controls to show products at specialised pricing and contracts.
  2. Personalised B2B webstore features which are only turned on if the individual customer needs them, thus removing distraction whilst retaining the capability to service more complex B2B requirements.
  3. Personalised promotions, incentives, content, offers and news tailored to the individual or business.
  4. Personalised recommended, related and recently viewed products and checkout offers.
  5. Personalised customer reports.
  6. Personalised landing pages, webstores or portal branding, tailored to the individual client.
  7. Personalised routine or bulk order pads, wish lists, saved baskets, and kits.
  8. Product customisations, configurations and kits.
  9. Personalised part numbers and/or descriptions.
  10. Personalised workflows, approvals and self-serve features.
  11. Personalised and automatically triggered email marketing based on customer behaviour patterns.
  12. Personalised loyalty reward programmes.


Who Uses the TrueCommerce B2B Ecommerce Platform?

Madison –  A European market leading distributor of cycles, parts and accessories - A dedication to customer service has been tantamount to Madison’s success and it's B2B eCommerce solution allows retailers to login and experience a purchasing environment tailored to their individual needs. Contract catalogues, order pads, personalised prices and eprocurement are just some of the functions incorporated to put the customer experience first. 



If you are interested in learning more about eCommerce Personalisation please contact us.