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The benefits of integrated EDI and how leading businesses are benefitting

Richard Gallacher
September 3, 2020

EDI is an essential component of a winning mix for many businesses across an array of industries. 

And whilst EDI may be a mandatory trading requirement when trading with some customers, suppliers have far more to benefit from than simply just compliance. EDI helps both customers and suppliers to automate supply chain processes, increase efficiencies and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. 


However, despite the clear benefits of EDI, there are still some companies who are completely reliant on manual paper based processes, or who are not maximising their EDI potential and continue to manually rekey and re-enter messages into their business systems. 

Businesses that use integrated EDI solutions can:

Reinvest time previously invested into manual data entry

Manual data entry can consume a considerable amount of time for businesses and is notoriously error probe. EDI integration minimises the amount of time spent manually processing orders and invoices and retyping and reentering information, so you can reinvest this time into other areas of the business. 

  • Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was spending 4 hours per day manually processing orders using each customer’s unique portal before moving to TrueCommerce
  • “TrueCommerce truly alleviated the hours and hours spent manually processing orders on spreadsheets every day.” Luke Wilkes, Operations Director at Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.


  • Feelunique previously relied on manual processes to manage its supply chain before deciding to implement a fully managed B2B network service
  • “We are delighted with the time savings and improved accuracy that we have achieved since we moved to TrueCommerce. Our merchandising team is more efficient as they no longer need to print purchase orders, less time is spent receipting stock in our distribution centre and we’ve seen a reduction in the number of invoice matching errors.” Craig Wheeler, Operations Director, Feelunique.


Focus on their key competences and leave EDI to the experts

EDI saves businesses time. Delivered as a managed service, our integrated EDI solution encompasses all aspects of implementation, from trading partner onboarding, day-to-day support, and change management, so you can focus on what you do best.

  •  Hovis wanted to consolidate onto a single platform, removing the burden of maintaining multiple solutions on a daily basis
  •  “TrueCommerce’s fully managed EDI service allows us to simplify our EDI footprint and concentrate on what we do best.” Dominic Howson, IS Director, Hovis.


  • Jewson knew what they needed but didn’t have the expertise in-house 
  • “We knew what we wanted but found that we couldn’t do it ourselves. We needed a seamless system of electronically placing orders, and then seeing when they were delivered. At the same time, we wanted to track how well our suppliers were meeting their delivery promises.” Adam Bacon, Supply Chain Director, Jewson


Maintain data integrity with message validation

Automated processes don’t work if it requires from re-work from staff. By automatically validating messages before sending them to your business system our EDI integration maintains the integrity of your data. 

  • Seafresh Group saw an opportunity to benefit from automation and integration
  • “We’ve seen a reduction in risk by removing manual, error-prone processes.” Tim Hunter, Group Head of IT at Seafresh Group


  • Fortnum & Mason underwent an ERP change and needed help communicating key messages with a specific partner  
  • “We can now rely on TrueCommerce to handle the transfer of messages between ourselves and our third party logistics provider, saving us valuable time and providing us with the visibility we require.” Tony Longhurst, Director of IT Fortnum & Mason



Richard Gallacher is a Marketing Executive here at TrueCommerce. As a key member of the marketing team, Richard provides insightful, accessible information to help businesses improve and grow their operations. Richard is based in our Manchester office.